Some tracks are an absolute pleasure to review. Here we have a personal favourite as experienced German house producer Dave Ramone returns with a huge original, ‘Summer Love’. Featuring an impeccable top-line by superb female vocalist Minelli, this vibrant house track is one you can’t afford to leave out of that summer playlist.

Vocal chops with large, well sculpted reverb and lush pads introduce ‘Summer Love’ before the unmistakable voice of Minelli floats over intricate piano chords. The solid structure of this track is evident at this point as a mid-break kick drum injects energy underneath the vocal stem. The track is then in a build with snares and into a house drop segment. All the time the vocal is used to great effect.

Through the drops, Ramone makes this track highly suitable for the club, with these energetic sections making ‘Summer Love’ easy to slip into a DJ set. There is a beautiful hint of future house that extends the audience range this original will appeal to as well.

Lyrically, Ramone and Minelli show a high of creativity, with the words painting a picture of the story this track is telling. It is sung outstandingly well. A huge amount of talent is required to mix the vocal stem as well as this into a track, showcasing Ramone’s abundance of production skills.

We look forward to keeping an eye on this track, sure to be a big hit this summer. Available across digital outlets, check out Dave Ramone Feat. Minelli – Summer Love (Single Mix), here:



New-Mexico based talent TLUXX presents his latest fantastic progressive house track with majestic vocals by non other than Mickey Shiloh. With seemingly no limit to his production skills, this release is the cumulation  of years of hard work. Brian, aka TLUXX struggled with health issues and reluctantly had to give up his dream of becoming a major league baseball player. He turned to his passion in music and perfected his production and DJ skills. The effort he has put in to learning his trade is plain to see.

Here his latest track ‘I Need To Know’ features vocalist Mickey Shiloh. She has previously worked with big names such as Britney Spears, Dada Life, Jason Derulo, Pitbull and JLo. An incredible list of artists. Her voice is akin to Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. It is entirely unique, and extremely high quality.

‘I Need To Know’ makes excellent use of Shiloh’s voice, with high energy melodious progressive drops woven between vocal-laden breaks underpinned by warm piano chords. The lead sound in the drops is high-pitched and intriguing. This kind of unique sound design provides listeners with something slightly outside the box and is a nice feature of the track.

With a string of strong releases. gigs alongside artists such as Headhunterz, Zomboy, CandyLand, MAKO and Party Favor, TLUXX also promotes local charity festivals. This formidable artist is a name you will want to become familiar with as he continues his exciting career. We are looking forward to hearing his future tracks and bringing them to you first. Check out TLUXX feat. Mickey Shiloh – I Need To Know, here:


Experienced Hungarian producer Shane 54 proves he is at the top of his game with the release of his latest incredible progressive track ‘First Time’. With Shane 54, real name Elod Csaszar’s, signature sound clear throughout this original track, which demonstrates his clear roots in trance and house, this demo is a symbol of production excellence.

A well mixed, lyrically intriguing male vocal top-line floats airily over a fantastic arrangement of melodic chord plucks and, trance-inspired arps and background vocal chops. A smooth build up throws us into a full-spectrum drop with stunning synths underpinning the vocal lead.

Structurally this track is extremely good, showing a large production knowledge and adept skills in the studio. This is furthered by an incredibly skilful mixdown and mastering on ‘First Time’, really bringing out the maximum potential in this piece. Such a high production standard is evidence of many years of hard work paying off.

With an array of solid productions under his belt, many years DJing and producing know-how and a podcast ‘International Departures’ that has amassed an impressive 372 episodes, Shane 54 is certainly one artist to get to know. His very active socials including Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are a great way to get to know this artist.

Check out Shane 54 – First Time, here: