Innovative Canadian techno producer DieOne is back with a bang this week, releasing another huge dark electro based thriller ‘Side Climber’. Continuing his prodigious string of hot techno tracks, this up-and-coming talent is on fine form with his latest original. Dark electro and techno DJ’s and fans will find his unique sound alluring and well fitting for their club nights.

With tracks possessing a particular signature style, completely individual to DieOne, his tracks are distinctive and immediately recognisable. From pressing play on ‘Side Climber’, one knows this is unmistakably his work. Characterised by big kicks and huge, speaker shattering drum loops, his sound design also stands out. Here is a producer absolutely comfortable in the shape of his sound and better still, he is seemingly really enjoying his production journey.

It is always a pleasure to review a DieOne tune, but ‘Side Climber’ may just be his best work yet. Encompassing a funky, club friendly, yet melodic edge to his usual techno-laden beats, makes ‘Side Climber’ really stand out from the crowd. You can just imagine this track being dropped by Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills and other techno greats.

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Check out DieOne – Side Climber, available to download free, here:


Following their recent release ‘War Pigs’, techno master Die One is back with a huge new dark electro track ‘Fear For Their Lives’, which won’t leave fans disappointed. This is certainly a track that will get any electronic music addict’s attention, with that unique style this rising Canadian producer is busy perfecting.

We begin this original with the unmistakable voice of US President Donald Trump speaking the words ‘Extremists, terror and violence’, which sets the tone aptly for the remainder of this noteworthy six minute techno smasher.

Die One’s usual format of hard, speaker shaking drums are absent from this project, with a fresh switched-up sound offering a relatively down-tempo techno vibe while still maintaining their usual dark and mysterious, atmospheric sound.

The male, spoken word vocal ‘Fear For Their Lives’, forms the focal point of this well-crafted track, with heavy vocal processing creating an interesting and memorable melody loop from those four words. This is a compelling theme and Die One has it owned here, weaving it superbly into this eerie track, when combined with off-beat synth stabs and fitting percussive elements.

With a string of successful tracks this year alone, Die One is going strong and their sound is specific, unique and individual. That is something that counts for a lot in a saturated market.

Techno is back in popular demand and Die One are one of the leading up-and-coming producers in that comeback. We will continue to bring you future releases of this outstanding techno talent with their unique, signature, electro edge. Check out Die One – Fear For Their Lives (Terror Dub 125bpm), available to download, here:


Fans of agressive, dark, electro based techno will be thrilled by War Pigs’ newest track. Featuring the voice of Alex Jones – WAR, this latest drop on DieOne Techno will have you reaching for the volume button to crank it up.

As one of the oldest genres, solid techno numbers are gems to DJs across the globe. This is a genre back on the popularity rise, especially with producers such as War Pigs, oozing in originality and creativity. doing techno justice.

This track, curiously named ‘Dark Electro Techno 128 Bpm’, has the description ‘Aggressive Heavy Dark Electro Techno POWER TRACK!’. It certainly lives up to that description with a combination of dark vocal cuts, savage drum work, aggressive FX and distorted synths.

War Pigs’ vibe here flows seamlessly and would not feel out of place in a Carl Cox or Richie Hawtin set. The way the different elements combine in this original techno piece, demonstrates adroit and knowledgeable production skills.

With techno music never really dying out and definitely on the rise, as of late, the future for artists such as War Pigs, looks extremely interesting. We look forward to hearing their future projects and will bring them to you first, at

Check out War Pigs – Dark Electro Techno 128 Bpm, here: