Some tracks are an absolute pleasure to review. Here we have a personal favourite as experienced German house producer Dave Ramone returns with a huge original, ‘Summer Love’. Featuring an impeccable top-line by superb female vocalist Minelli, this vibrant house track is one you can’t afford to leave out of that summer playlist.

Vocal chops with large, well sculpted reverb and lush pads introduce ‘Summer Love’ before the unmistakable voice of Minelli floats over intricate piano chords. The solid structure of this track is evident at this point as a mid-break kick drum injects energy underneath the vocal stem. The track is then in a build with snares and into a house drop segment. All the time the vocal is used to great effect.

Through the drops, Ramone makes this track highly suitable for the club, with these energetic sections making ‘Summer Love’ easy to slip into a DJ set. There is a beautiful hint of future house that extends the audience range this original will appeal to as well.

Lyrically, Ramone and Minelli show a high of creativity, with the words painting a picture of the story this track is telling. It is sung outstandingly well. A huge amount of talent is required to mix the vocal stem as well as this into a track, showcasing Ramone’s abundance of production skills.

We look forward to keeping an eye on this track, sure to be a big hit this summer. Available across digital outlets, check out Dave Ramone Feat. Minelli – Summer Love (Single Mix), here:



Freak Fineman is a name every pop and electronic music fan should be familiar with. This Chicago born genius has etched his way into musical greatness with a multi-platinum back catalogue of famous releases with many well known artists. He produced ‘Amusement Park’, 50 Cent’s hit single from 13 times platinum selling album ‘Curtis’.

Fineman has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Daft Punk, Madonna, Beyonce, No Doubt, Prince, Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys, to name but a few. He also had many years of success producing on behalf of Roger Sanchez.

Following ten years of touring with the world’s most elite DJ’s and artists, Freak Fineman is producing now under his own name. Following his recent house release featuring none other than Fatman Scoop, Fineman presents his latest house track ‘Addiction’.

This track is, as you would expect, incredibly well produced, mixed and mastered. It is a treat for the ears, with a fantastic vocal sung by JaQuita May. There is not a dull moment  here, with the vocal encompassing the vast majority of this 3:45 radio mix. Fineman’s vocal mixing on May’s topline is second to none and her voice blends seamlessly into the overall mixdown.

Fineman keeps things flowing and interesting with an array of drops and breakdown sections, with world-class sound design and an eclectic range of instrumentation from lead drop synths to nylon guitars, ensuring every second of ‘Addiction’ is thoroughly enjoyable.

Released on the infamous S&S Records, ‘Addiction’ is a track we expect to do very well this summer and look forward to watching its success. Check out Freak Fineman – Addiction feat. JaQuita May (Radio Edit), here:


Brooklyn producer Andrew Marks presents his latest, undeniably fantastic, house track with a groove edge: ‘Let The Music’. 15 years of classical piano training to a fully fledged production career and bookings across The Big Apple, this is no stranger to great music.

A song that can instantly be etched in your mind as a classic is a rare and stunning thing. This huge groovy house example is one such track. Instantly bringing a smile to the listeners face, this gem of a track has all the ingredients of house music at its very best.

Vocals ‘let the music take your mind’ providing an intro over bright piano chords before a smooth build into a simply marvellous saxophone-led drop. Use of a sax here with such a catchy melody with the vocal top-line weaving in and out, creates such groove in the track and fits perfectly, suiting the track to a tee.

The breaks are sublime, keep the energy flowing nicely and build plenty of tension. The mixdown is clean and the mastering here is noteworthy.

Andrew Marks is clearly talented. This, put simply, is one of the finest house tracks we’ve had the pleasure of hearing this year, and it’s absolutely free! To say we’re excited to hear Marks’ future projects, is an understatement.

Check out Andrew marks – Let The Music, here: