Talented up-and-coming 17-year old producer SIMIC presents his recently released remix of Cheat Codes’ hugely popular summer track ‘No Promises’. With the American DJ group’s original track receiving wide acclaim, following its release in March on Parlophone – Warner Bros, this was a truly excellent choice of track to remix.

SIMIC shows off his studio potential in this rework, the breakdowns utilising the original vocal of Demi Lovato and the group’s own Trevor Dahl, to full effect. Lush piano chords and light percussion underpin the infamous vocal toplines. Towards the drops, momentum picks up and the tension subtly builds.

The drop sections to SIMIC’s remix themselves, are of a well crafted, danceable house style nature, making his version highly adaptable and appealing to DJ’s. The lead synth through the drops is particularly well constructed and the transitions back into the more down-tempo breakdowns are smooth and flowing.

This hugely listenable remix of Cheat Codes massive summer track ‘No Promises’ delivers a unique take on the original track. This is a track that house and pop fans alike will enjoy, and is certainly one to add to that summer playlist or download for your upcoming set.

With a string of fantastic remixes on his Soundcloud page already, this is evidently a competent producer enjoying his sound and translating his ideas well through his DAW. We look forward to hearing what the future brings for SIMIC.

Check out Cheat Codes – No Promises feat. Demi Lovato, here:


Swedish producer¬†Ted Jorgensen, aka Van Heden presents his dance rework of Mary J. Blige’s classic R&B track ‘Family Affairs’. Adding his own house-esque signature to successfully remix this track as a club thriller, Heden gets our attention as an up-and-coming producer to keep an eye on.

Simplistic plucks before drum loops and FX kick off this remix. Tension builds with the famous Blige vocal stem woven over the top. Synths and other instrumentation enter the mix as Heden demonstrates his studio skills with smooth filtering and manipulation of the vocal between drop sections and down-tempo break segments.

Thanks to careful sample selection and driving percussive elements, balanced with a solid house kick drum, Van Heden treats listeners to a rework that is highly danceable. This is certain to grab people’s ears in the clubs and will appeal to house DJ’s. It is immediately recognisable as an updated house version of the beloved 2001 track from Blige’s album ‘No More Drama’.

With an abundance of energy and plenty of appeal for both contemporary R&B and dance music fans, this is a remix sure to intrigue many listeners. We look forward to hearing what the future brings for this creative Australia-based producer, honing his sound nicely on his music production journey.

Check out Mary J. Blige – Family Affairs (Van Heden Remix), here:



Impressive up-and-coming Italian talent Valerio Bonfardeci, aka bVd, is one to watch this year as he drops his incredible reboot of Alice Deejay’s old school anthem ‘Better Off Alone’. Leaving his own future house style mark on a classic, he utilises the original melody lines and vocal, but everything else is from scratch here.

Taking such a famous and much loved original track and transforming it into something that the modern house audience can enjoy is no simple task. Yet bVd makes it sound easy, with his finished product sounding utterly stunning.

This remix begins with an atmospheric manipulation of the well known vocal topline floating over a carefully crafted piano chord sequence. A smooth riser takes us into a future house drop section, making full use of the original melody. There is a flowing and dance floor friendly sense of rhythm in the drop sections that injects energy into this remix.

As the main breakdown hits, you realise that you are thoroughly enjoying this record. The break sections are dazzling as the vocal takes you immediately back to the year 2000 when the first version was released.

In a scene that sees an increasing trend of remixes and variations of different tracks, it is ¬†refreshing to find such an outstanding rework. bVd’s mixdown is impeccable, sounding clean and crisp. The vocal section which defines the track is loud, but does not drown out the instrument layering and blends well into his track.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this talented producer and look forward to bringing you his future releases here first on You just can’t miss this incredible reboot, available kindly as a free download. Check out Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (bVd Remix), here: