Some tracks are an absolute pleasure to review. Here we have a personal favourite as experienced German house producer Dave Ramone returns with a huge original, ‘Summer Love’. Featuring an impeccable top-line by superb female vocalist Minelli, this vibrant house track is one you can’t afford to leave out of that summer playlist.

Vocal chops with large, well sculpted reverb and lush pads introduce ‘Summer Love’ before the unmistakable voice of Minelli floats over intricate piano chords. The solid structure of this track is evident at this point as a mid-break kick drum injects energy underneath the vocal stem. The track is then in a build with snares and into a house drop segment. All the time the vocal is used to great effect.

Through the drops, Ramone makes this track highly suitable for the club, with these energetic sections making ‘Summer Love’ easy to slip into a DJ set. There is a beautiful hint of future house that extends the audience range this original will appeal to as well.

Lyrically, Ramone and Minelli show a high of creativity, with the words painting a picture of the story this track is telling. It is sung outstandingly well. A huge amount of talent is required to mix the vocal stem as well as this into a track, showcasing Ramone’s abundance of production skills.

We look forward to keeping an eye on this track, sure to be a big hit this summer. Available across digital outlets, check out Dave Ramone Feat. Minelli – Summer Love (Single Mix), here:



18 year-old up-and-coming DJ/producer Jamie Mesia, better known as Skreamz, presents his latest, fantastic release ‘Pursuits’. Proving no stranger to the studio, this tropical deep house original showcases the prodigious Spanish artist’s vast production talents. Perfect for the summer, with tropical instrumentation in abundance, ‘Pursuits’ is ideal for those days in the sun.

The intro features shimmering piano chords with police sirens and speeding car samples paying tribute to the apt name: ‘Pursuits’. Shortly, the pace is picked up in a stunning house-style drop with glockenspiel lead overtones complimenting a brass underlay and superb percussion.

Into a break down where the beautiful lead melody continues lightly in the highs. A most pleasant surprise lies in store during the back of the second drop, as Skreamz suddenly increases the energy and introduces more percussion in a highly danceable switch up variant of the drop. Simply outstanding creativity.

The various sections are fused together seamlessly and the mixing is on point. ‘Pursuits’ sounds lively and dynamic on a range of sound systems, furthering our belief that Skreamz really has what it takes to go a very long way in this industry. We look forward to keeping up to date with his future releases as his exciting career unfolds.

Check out Skreamz – Pursuits, available to download free, here:



Talented up-and-coming 17-year old producer SIMIC presents his recently released remix of Cheat Codes’ hugely popular summer track ‘No Promises’. With the American DJ group’s original track receiving wide acclaim, following its release in March on Parlophone – Warner Bros, this was a truly excellent choice of track to remix.

SIMIC shows off his studio potential in this rework, the breakdowns utilising the original vocal of Demi Lovato and the group’s own Trevor Dahl, to full effect. Lush piano chords and light percussion underpin the infamous vocal toplines. Towards the drops, momentum picks up and the tension subtly builds.

The drop sections to SIMIC’s remix themselves, are of a well crafted, danceable house style nature, making his version highly adaptable and appealing to DJ’s. The lead synth through the drops is particularly well constructed and the transitions back into the more down-tempo breakdowns are smooth and flowing.

This hugely listenable remix of Cheat Codes massive summer track ‘No Promises’ delivers a unique take on the original track. This is a track that house and pop fans alike will enjoy, and is certainly one to add to that summer playlist or download for your upcoming set.

With a string of fantastic remixes on his Soundcloud page already, this is evidently a competent producer enjoying his sound and translating his ideas well through his DAW. We look forward to hearing what the future brings for SIMIC.

Check out Cheat Codes – No Promises feat. Demi Lovato, here:


Talented DJ PigitaL returns to the ones and twos to deliver another incredible 56minutes installation of his mix series ‘One Day In My House’. This journey, and it really is a journey, of house music continues his collection of summer-style mixes, #7 of which we reviewed recently. His latest curation of the best house and club tracks is number eight in a series which simply can’t be missed for all dance music fans.

It takes a certain skill to master the art of DJing and set construction. Indeed many high profile artists spend large amounts of their time putting together set-lists and finding crowd pleasers. For PigitaL, this is a skill that obviously comes naturally, his mixes always packed full of phenomenal and interesting tracks.

Episode 8 takes on a distinctly house music flavour, as opposed to episode 7’s tech and tribal vibe. Encompassing house, vocal house, deep house and jackin’ house among other variants, this is a mix that will appeal to a wide audience and one you can rely on for a variety of occasions.

PigitaL’s mixing skills are second-to-none and he eases through the tracklist in ‘One Day In My House’, seamlessly. He is completely competent, comfortable and able on the decks, his DJing skills radiating here.

With plenty to enjoy in 56 spectacular minutes of well mixed house music, PigitaL is a talent we look forward to seeing much more of in the future. Be sure to check out PigitaL One day in my…House ! #8, here:


19 year-old Parisian producer Vowed presents his latest, absolutely stunning, deep house track ‘Nobel’. The journey for this talented artist has been a long one, beginning at the young age of just 9, playing guitar, piano and drums. Now a decade on he is producing some of the best house and deep music you are likely to hear today.

Distinct, male, spoken word in French begins this outstanding five and a half minute original. Arpeggiated organ sounds fill the remainder of an opening break, with unbelievably well-crafted dynamics. Tension smoothly builds towards a drop section that is not unlike Tchami – Adieu, both in its nature and the quality of production.

Vowed’s sound design is a work of art in its own right here, The bass synth leading the drop is particularly spellbinding. It’s analogue synthesised character epitomising incredible and knowledgeable sound design and processing.

This is seriously impressive work, with two unique, separate styles here working together. Breakdowns with arps and spoken word, combined with drop sections filled with solid percussive elements and bass synths making for subtly grooving up-tempo segments.

Since 2011 Vowed has been perfecting his music production skills in his DAW. All that effort is finally paying off in dividends now and his sound is utterly dazzling. This is a name you will want to become familiar with, sooner rather than later. Check out Vowed – Nobel, available here:


Freak Fineman is a name every pop and electronic music fan should be familiar with. This Chicago born genius has etched his way into musical greatness with a multi-platinum back catalogue of famous releases with many well known artists. He produced ‘Amusement Park’, 50 Cent’s hit single from 13 times platinum selling album ‘Curtis’.

Fineman has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Daft Punk, Madonna, Beyonce, No Doubt, Prince, Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys, to name but a few. He also had many years of success producing on behalf of Roger Sanchez.

Following ten years of touring with the world’s most elite DJ’s and artists, Freak Fineman is producing now under his own name. Following his recent house release featuring none other than Fatman Scoop, Fineman presents his latest house track ‘Addiction’.

This track is, as you would expect, incredibly well produced, mixed and mastered. It is a treat for the ears, with a fantastic vocal sung by JaQuita May. There is not a dull moment  here, with the vocal encompassing the vast majority of this 3:45 radio mix. Fineman’s vocal mixing on May’s topline is second to none and her voice blends seamlessly into the overall mixdown.

Fineman keeps things flowing and interesting with an array of drops and breakdown sections, with world-class sound design and an eclectic range of instrumentation from lead drop synths to nylon guitars, ensuring every second of ‘Addiction’ is thoroughly enjoyable.

Released on the infamous S&S Records, ‘Addiction’ is a track we expect to do very well this summer and look forward to watching its success. Check out Freak Fineman – Addiction feat. JaQuita May (Radio Edit), here:


Talented Australian producer Ash Parker releases his incredible new single ‘YTB’, one for real house music fans to get their teeth into. Featuring stunning sound design and an enchanting, flowing style that pulls the listener in and takes them on an evolving journey spanning 5:53 of house music heaven.

Parker’s signature runs through this original, with its tech vibe smoothly switching the energy levels up and down as it flows from your sound system. There are so many stunning inclusions in this record with a slightly dark side to it, from deep male vocal samples to multiple and complex fx. The highlight however is the sheer power and energy generated from incredible sound design through the synths that make ‘YTB’ really stand out.

Obviously no stranger to the studio, Parker has clearly spent a long time honing his production skills and the effort is paying off in dividends now. This track is highly valuable to DJ’s searching for that scorching track at 3am under the club lights. A truly masterful piece of work and something that techno and tech dance music fans as opposed to big room EDM listeners will love.

We look forward to seeing what this up-and-coming artist has in store for us in the future and bringing you his releases first, on edmlead.blog. One to add to that playlist for the car now, or to add to your collection of club tracks, check out Ash Parker – YTB, here:


UK based up-and-coming artist Rory Mckellar, aka Promise Miami, presents his new fabulous house track ‘Neon’. This is a track perfect for any event from beach party to clubs and festivals. Featuring an incredibly listenable summer vibe, this is an original which will appeal to an array of electronic music fans from a range of genres, including house, tropical, bass and future.

‘Neon’ focusses around vocal cuts and catchy synth melody lines, fused together perfectly. The break sections stand out for their light feel featuring female vocals and great sound design around well suited synths. The builds that make way for the drops with filtered bass synths are simply stunning and create plenty of tension.

The drops are electro, in nature and have a solid groove to them that allows this track to flow nicely with danceable sections that would be suited to club sets. Promise Miami’s production knowledge is something he has clearly taken the time to learn and master. The drops are clean, melodic and full of energy.

‘Neon’ does not allow the listener to get bored, with plenty of evolution and change between the various segments. In the second drop, for instance, there is a marvellous tempo change that brings things down a notch before cranking it back up to full speed. Details like this keep a track alive and offer listeners something a little bit different.

With exciting releases like ‘Neon’, Promise Miami certainly looks like an exciting producer for the future to keep your eye on. We look forward to bringing you his future releases and following this rising talent’s career as it unfolds. Check out Promise Miami – Neon, available as a free download, here:



Fantastic Israeli talent Aviran Levi, better known as Avelo, is back following his remarkable Elephante – Plans remix, with a huge new release ‘Take It Seriously’. This one features incredible vocals from male vocalist Bilgo and whilst up-tempo and house-esque, will also appeal to pop audiences, thus encompassing a wide range of listeners. This latest Avelo drop is very radio friendly alongside being apt for the clubs too.

Piano chords and risers accompany filtered vocals in the intro as this dazzling track starts kicks into gear. The male vocal of Bilgo is professional, confidently presented and very high quality, fitting perfectly here. A great choice of vocalist for this original. His voice sits easily with the instrumental and works to complement the underlay, adding the finishing touch to an already stunning backdrop. The vocal mixing is something special too and blends the vocal into the track marvellously.

The drop sections are equally phenomenal, with a trumpet lead and impressive melody creating a lot of energy. This works in harmony with the break segments, the second of which is especially appealing, with funky off-beat, shimmering piano chords accompanying a spoken word section of the vocal. This really is extraordinary stuff from Avelo and Bilgo.

With an ever expanding string of impeccable and varied releases from Avelo, we are fully enjoying watching this prodigious producer come into his own and his sound evolve in a unique way. He seems to really impose his signature sound on the tracks which is a great sign a producer is comfortable with their sound.

If you are not currently familiar with this incredible, largely undiscovered (as yet) talent, be sure you check out Avelo – Take It Seriously (feat. Bilgo), available to buy and stream now via all major music outlets. Take a listen here:


The sun is out and festival season is underway… Perfect conditions for a scorching future house track. Enter Greg Deal with his fantastic new track ‘Daydream’, packed with all the ingredients to get you in the groove for summer.

There is almost a tropical feel about this original, with smooth, warm chord progressions beginning the breakdown sections. Apt vocal chops soon filter in, blending in unison with a melodious lead synth. Then the really striking part, a phenomenal build up toan energetic drop.

In ‘Daydream’, Dela’s drop segments are striking. The melody is catchy and flowing, the production is on point, with close attention paid to the technical details. Layered to perfection, the drops have huge amounts of energy and compliment the breakdowns well. With smooth, natural transitions fusing the track together, this track is extremely listenable.

With a careful mixdown, combined with an obviously expansive production knowledge, Greg Deal has created a phenomenal track here, one you will want to listen to more than once.

This is a talent to become familiar with. With support and positive feedback from dance music’s elite already under his belt, including the likes of Don Diablo, Twoloud, Tom Swoon, Mike Williams, Thomas Gold, Loopers, Sem Thomasson, Kenn Colt, Mark Villa and many more,  Dela is well on his way to success.

We look forward to hearing his upcoming tracks and following this promising producer’s journey as it unfolds. Check out Greg Dela – Daydream, here: