It is always refreshing when we are introduced to a small Soundcloud page with incredible music on it. The sense of discovering a relatively unknown gem is fantastic. Here Beautiful Devine is a perfect example. They present their new down-tempo, melodic, hip-hop track ‘Righteous Run’, one you certainly won’t want to miss.

Lyrically intriguing with creativity in abundance, this latest release by the duo is silky smooth and will appeal to a wide audience, from pop listeners to hip-hop and rap fans. ‘Righteous Run’ is lightweight for a hip-hop track, which isn’t a bad thing. Quite the opposite. This melodic, chilled take on hip-hop is stunning and will leave you checking out more of their phenomenal work.

Production by Highvibe is on point in ‘Righteous Run’, comprised largely of piano chords and melodies with a superb depiction of appropriately light hip- hop percussion. The Beautiful Devine vocal stem is perfectly mixed into the instrumental and focus is rightly placed on this effortlessly sung top-line.

With impeccable lyrical creation followed up with a smooth, well sung vocal, Beautiful Devine allow the listener an insight into the story behind the words in ‘Righteous Run’. This is a very promising up-and-coming act and we are excited to see what the future holds for them. Check out Beautiful Devine – Righteous Run, here:


Stateside up-and-coming producer Alek Graham presents his new chill hip-hop instrumental track ‘Manhattan’. Made in his hotel room overlooking Times Square, this track was born from walking the streets of New York and (his own words) “seeing everything there is to see on the crazy island of Manhattan.”

This track has a distinct, incredibly unique, feel to it. It would fall into the category of instrumental down-tempo hip-hop. Yet somehow there is a lot more to it than that. Abstract, cinematic and atmospheric, it flows and evolves through a smooth three and a half minutes. You can actually picture the sights and sounds of Manhattan in your mind while you are listening, which is translation in its finest form.

Simplistic, yet effective, hip-hop percussive elements serve up a solid rhythm from which this track is constructed. Graham fills the rest of the spectrum with complex atmospheric sounds and synths, creating intrigue and adding mystery to his original. There are a variety of unusual and different flavours thrown into this evolving mix.

It is always refreshing to find something a little bit different and free from the atypical constraints of genre boxes. Graham has perfectly recreated an initial idea for a track, found on the fast moving streets of the Big Apple. With mixing and mastering performed by Lucidity, ‘Manhatten’ sounds professional and well crafted.

We are excited to see what the future holds for an artist who is not afraid to write something a little bit different using a producer’s primary skill: creativity. Available for a free download, check out Alek Graham – Manhattan, here:



EDMLead favourite Soule is back with more of his incredibly smooth style in his latest track ‘Nightshift Freestyle’, produced by OBESØN. Instantly unmistakable, Soule’s voice just seems to get better and better, and this original is some of his best work yet, following a string of strong releases of late. ‘Nightshift Freestyle’ will appeal to a wide audience, from hip-hop and rap fans to chill trap and pop listeners.

Lyrically spellbinding, which has become the signature of this remarkable stateside vocalist’s tracks, ‘Nightshift Freestyle’ oozes creativity and demonstrates Soule’s true potential behind the microphone. Words such as ‘but I keep it cool like thermal, iPhone like my journal, spittin’ truth like I’m fireproof but I’m trapped in the inferno’ indicates fantastic lyrical prowess. Soule likes to tell his story through an incredible use of words and they are highly relatable to his growing audience.

We are aware that Soule also takes an active interest in the production process, the sign of a true artist. This latest track is extremely well produced, mixed and mastered, by OBESØN. The backing instrumentation and percussion perfectly complement the smooth rhythms and flow inspired by the lead vocal. The vocal mixing, renowned for being a painstaking job in the production world, is incredible and brings out the very best in Soule’s dulcet overtones.

This is an artist to become familiar with now, before someone points him out to you. He is a truly talented lyricist and vocalist with a distinctive, smooth voice that will carry him all the way to the top in the music business. We are enjoying following his rapidly growing career and will endeavour to keep you up to date with his latest releases, here on

Check out Soule – Nightshift Freestyle. (prod. OBESØN), here:


Chicago based producer Patrick Milton presents his latest sublime instalment ‘XO’, which will appease hip-hop and rap fans as much as it will trap listeners. Not letting a particular genre define the production process allows for immense creativity. Here Milton’s originality is plain to see and the result is spellbinding.

Beginning with spoken word radio or tv broadcast, you know this is going to be something a little bit special from first pressing play. Male hip-hop vocals soon float in and lead into a full spectrum down-tempo trap drop. The contrast works, the transition is seamless, and adds huge dynamics to this original.

The break section features more smooth hip-hop vocals processed marvellously with filters making them mysterious and interesting. Hip-hop beats and baselines accompany the, now full effect, male vocal lead before Milton builds up the tension into a second, incredible trap drop.

This is a highly creative original works that stands out as being something a little bit different. In an industry saturated with similar sounding tracks and sounds, we are drawn to tracks such as ‘XO’ that possess huge amounts of originality. It shows a producer unafraid to work beyond the boxes of a particular genre and just create the music they want to create. In the long-run, this will provide for a long and successful career in music.

We look forward to bringing you Patrick Milton’s future releases on and following this state-side talent’s unfolding career. Check out Patrick Milton – XO, available to download free, here:


Up-and-coming hip hop talent Nasir Shams, aka Shams, delivers his latest potent dose rap fans will find lyrically inspiring as he drops ‘Hooligan’. Packed with all the ingredients you’d want from a formidable hip-hop number, this certainly does not disappoint.

With sound production from Young Moa Beats providing a fitting, down-tempo, urban backdrop to this lyrically heavy track and engineering by Saf, they have fused a strong original with top-notch vocal mixing bringing out the best of Shams voice. With a good groove in this production allowing for a flow that keeps the listener engaged and focussed on the words, this is an artist destined for a promising career.

Particularly noteworthy is the haunting vibe created by a combination of eerie synths, choice of key, percussion and of course Shams voice. This is unique and generates a signature sound distinct to Shams.

With the hip-hop scene as strong as ever, a genre with large amounts of support globally, never has there been a better time to drop heavyweight tracks like ‘Hooligan’. We’re intrigued by this artist, he obviously has promising times ahead in the music industry and a fruitful career unfolding. We are excited to hear his future releases. Check out Shams – Hooligan, here:


Fresh off his previous lyrical masterpiece ‘Celebrate’, reviewed here by, we present Soule’s fantastic follow up: ‘Inbox’, offering hip-hop, chill trap and even future bass and deep house fans more of his outstanding, unique style.

Overplaying a blurry, atmospheric, downtempo instrumental track, Soule’s distinct voice begins to float through a filter that gradually opens up into this original. Intriguing, ingeniously composed lyrics are the signature style of this US based artist, and here they are particularly potent, for example:

‘Got labels blowing my inbox
Back then when they gave me no noise, heard that pin drop
Still played it cool, but I’m due for my damn guap
Boy so efficient, drop 30 in 10 shots’.

Soule has a unique and extremely creative way to convey his message, this originality will carry him a long way. His ability to not only write so well, but to then translate that into a smooth vocal stem is demonstrative of talent that is hard to teach. This is natural ability at play, a quality that is difficult to find.

With production on point here too, one really gets the feeling that the original concept for this track propelled the whole project, and the final product allows the listener a glimpse of what Soule had in mind when he penned ‘Inbox’.

With a string of sublime tracks under his belt, the future is looking phenomenally good for Soule. We look forward to bringing you his latest tracks right here. Check out Soule – Inbox, here:


The thing that good hip-hop succeeds and surpasses many other genres of electronic music fail, is its lyrical presence and how an artist can truly express themselves through effective language. In steps Brooklyn’s Prince Franchise, with his latest lyrically-potent track ‘Toxic Love’, which ‘depicts the ups and downs of relationships of the world today’ (Prince’s own words).

As formidable and capable a lyricist as he is in his rap abilities, here we have an extremely compelling original from an extremely adept artist. These are words that everyone in and out of relationships can no doubt relate to, and that makes this latest composition appealing to a wide audience.

There is a smooth, real hip-hop flow from Prince’s voice alongside solid melodic production and composition. With female backing vocals this is sure to be a hit with hip-hop and R&B fans alike. The vocal mixing is on point here, and fuses well with the instrumental.

With tracks as engaging as ‘Toxic Love’, the future looks extremely promising for Prince Franchise. We are looking forward to seeing what he has in store, and will bring it to you first.

Make sure you check out Prince Franchise – Toxic Love, right here: