Talented Californian producer Phuse teams up with Jo-B Sebastian for their exciting collaboration: ‘Breathe Again’. This down-tempo electronic track sounds phenomenal and is incredibly well produced. With its light, pop-edged electronic style appealing to a vast audience, this is the perfect summer track for those days at the beach. It’s genre spanning vibe even gives this track potential on the decks, making it extremely accessible.

From pressing play, the production quality here is obvious. Phuse and Jo-B Sebastian are no strangers to the studio. Phuse was indeed named the 2014 Insomniac Discovery Project Winner for EDC Las Vegas. With a catalogue of strong releases and remixes, it is easy to see why.

‘Breathe Again’ features unique and well crafted synths and light percussive elements, serving as a backdrop to a smooth, almost R&B style vocal stem. The vocal is impeccably and painstakingly mixed here, including fantastic panning FX and backing vocals filling the gaps nicely in a truly dazzling original. An array of instruments from synths to piano keep this sensational four minutes flowing and interesting.

This is a track worthy of much air play and support from the upper tiers of the music industry. If you are not familiar with Phuse and Jo-B Sebastian, it is time to acquaint yourself. We are excited to see what the future brings them and watching this track enjoy a s reception. Available to download for free, check out Phuse X Jo-B Sebastian – Breathe Again, here:


German producer Unjay, teams up with stateside vocalist Lilian Rasti, aka Laylil for their latest chill trap collaboration: ‘Queen of Everything’. Exemplary song writing combined with phenomenal production talent makes for very powerful music. This is one you certainly will not want to miss.

Singer and songwriter Laylil’s warm and professional vocal topline is the focus of this original and shows huge creativity lyrically. She uses the words in this compostition wisely to tell her story. To be a fantastic vocalist is one thing, but to be able to write and storytell through words is the mark of a skilful musician and shows huge musical ability. Her voice produces a great vocal that blends superbly with the instrumental underlay.

Chill trap and pop enthusiasts will enjoy the down-tempo production working just beneath the vocal topline here. Airy and light synths fill the spectrum with remarkable sound design evident particularly on the leads. The melodies and FX work smoothly to compliment Laylil’s voice and add a solid backdrop to her topline.

The transitional FX and percussive elements fit the trap style here and provide a great flow through drop and break sections in what is a fantastic 3:12. The vocal mixing that has been painstakingly completed by Unjay is noteworthy and fuses the vocal to the instrument layering.

‘Queen of Everything’ is a radio-friendly track that stands out and is deserving of much air time. There is musical ability in abundance here and you get the distinct impression that a lot of work has gone into the making of this record.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Unjay and Laylil’s careers and bringing you their future releases first, on Check out UNJAY – Queen of Everything (ft. Laylil), available to download absolutely free, here:


Talented producer Lykan presents his incredible new single ‘Fly My Kite’, bringing some of the best chill trap you will hear today. With a future pop vibe, this is a light summer inspired track likely to appeal to an eclectic range of electronic music listeners. This artist’s sound is extremely professional and radio-friendly, indeed music deserving of many plays and plenty of air time.

‘Fly My Kite’ concentrates on airy female vocals underpinned by synth chord stabs. The break sections benefit from dazzling vocal chops that are incredibly well mixed and really make this track stand out. Lykan allows his production ability to be portrayed evidently through brilliant enhancement of the dynamic range through the break sections.

In the drops, these vocal chops come into play again to form a fantastic melody lead backed by typical trap percussion. The use of vocal chops in such a brilliant way creates a lot of euphoric energy through the drop sections and makes ‘Fly My Kite’ extremely pleasing on the ears.

What is perhaps most noteworthy here is the quality of the mixdown. This is typically done badly by up-and-coming producers but perfecting this skill can mean the difference between having a good idea for a record and translating that idea into a great sounding track. Here Lykan makes it sound easy, with each instrument layer serving its purpose to a tee and blending together to form a magnificently smooth, professional-sounding track.

With a range of solid tracks and remixes on Lykan’s Soundcloud page, this is a producer to keep your eye on. His radio-friendly style will delight a wide audience and will no doubt receive well deserved support from the music industry’s elite. We look forward to hearing his future productions and bringing them to you first. Check out Lykan – Fly My Kite, available kindly for a free download, available here: