Some tracks are an absolute pleasure to review. Here we have a personal favourite as experienced German house producer Dave Ramone returns with a huge original, ‘Summer Love’. Featuring an impeccable top-line by superb female vocalist Minelli, this vibrant house track is one you can’t afford to leave out of that summer playlist.

Vocal chops with large, well sculpted reverb and lush pads introduce ‘Summer Love’ before the unmistakable voice of Minelli floats over intricate piano chords. The solid structure of this track is evident at this point as a mid-break kick drum injects energy underneath the vocal stem. The track is then in a build with snares and into a house drop segment. All the time the vocal is used to great effect.

Through the drops, Ramone makes this track highly suitable for the club, with these energetic sections making ‘Summer Love’ easy to slip into a DJ set. There is a beautiful hint of future house that extends the audience range this original will appeal to as well.

Lyrically, Ramone and Minelli show a high of creativity, with the words painting a picture of the story this track is telling. It is sung outstandingly well. A huge amount of talent is required to mix the vocal stem as well as this into a track, showcasing Ramone’s abundance of production skills.

We look forward to keeping an eye on this track, sure to be a big hit this summer. Available across digital outlets, check out Dave Ramone Feat. Minelli – Summer Love (Single Mix), here:



Just when you didn’t think house music could get any better, in step rising Italian stars Antonio Fusaro DJ and Andrea Vignola, with their breathtaking future house track ‘I Wanna Dance’. This Beatport selling track has already received support from non other than Don Diablo and Dyro and is one of the finest house tracks you will hear today.

Released last week on Bimbomix records, ‘I Wanna Dance’ does exactly that. Break sections with mystical melodies from in a filter build into highly energetic drop sections, the order of this track. This is a collaboration that has clearly been worked on for a while from two talented producers, with the result being a truly stunning track.

The highlight of ‘I Wanna Dance’ are the drop sections. From contrasting breaks, where the listener gets a chance to catch their breath, the drops are high energy and very danceable, making this track great for the clubs.

This is one of the highest energy house tracks released this year. The stunning thing is, this energy is not achieved through an overload of drums and loops, but simply by sound design alone. Ferocious future house style synths are assisted by a synthesised whipping effect, mixed perfectly into the drops, that drives this track and generates huge amounts of energy.

Set to be a big hit this year, and already being well received, ‘I Wanna Dance’ is one to add to your playlist or record box immediately. We look forward to tracking this release and seeing what the future holds for Antonio Fusaro DJ and Andrea Vignola. Check out I Wanna Dance (original mix) – Antonio Fusaro & Andrea Vignola, here:


Impressive up-and-coming Italian talent Valerio Bonfardeci, aka bVd, is one to watch this year as he drops his incredible reboot of Alice Deejay’s old school anthem ‘Better Off Alone’. Leaving his own future house style mark on a classic, he utilises the original melody lines and vocal, but everything else is from scratch here.

Taking such a famous and much loved original track and transforming it into something that the modern house audience can enjoy is no simple task. Yet bVd makes it sound easy, with his finished product sounding utterly stunning.

This remix begins with an atmospheric manipulation of the well known vocal topline floating over a carefully crafted piano chord sequence. A smooth riser takes us into a future house drop section, making full use of the original melody. There is a flowing and dance floor friendly sense of rhythm in the drop sections that injects energy into this remix.

As the main breakdown hits, you realise that you are thoroughly enjoying this record. The break sections are dazzling as the vocal takes you immediately back to the year 2000 when the first version was released.

In a scene that sees an increasing trend of remixes and variations of different tracks, it is  refreshing to find such an outstanding rework. bVd’s mixdown is impeccable, sounding clean and crisp. The vocal section which defines the track is loud, but does not drown out the instrument layering and blends well into his track.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this talented producer and look forward to bringing you his future releases here first on edmlead.blog. You just can’t miss this incredible reboot, available kindly as a free download. Check out Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (bVd Remix), here:


New York City producers Beatstrikers present their striking (pun intended) future house remix of Cher’s famous ‘Believe’. Solid remixes are difficult to come by, and this rework is exactly how it should be done.

Performing the difficult task of taking ultimately a pop track and transforming it into a future house club track, a completely different genre, is no easy one. Here this trio of stateside producers make it sound easy. This is a remix you certainly will not want to miss. It is available for a free download too!

Through an intro of reverbed claps and Cher’s infamous voice starts to filter through. A kick and build FX soon join into the first break. The verse of ‘Believe’ trickles through with a funky, future house vibe building underneath and into a drop section. The chords and melodies working under the vocal top line really are top quality and fit perfectly with Cher’s voice.

There are multiple FX applied to the vocal towards the second half of the track that are fantastic and add a different dimension to keep things interesting. The other noteworthy feature is the excellent use of various house percussive elements that work seamlessly to ensure the flow of this remix.

With clear attention to detail paid during an effective mixdown, this rework sounds clean, punchy and ready to be played in the club. Beatstrikers are an up-and-coming production trio that you will want to become familiar with. Clearly working hard to perfect their production techniques, the hard work is paying off.

We look forward to hearing their future releases and are sure they will be up to the high standard of this remix. Check out Cher – Believe (Beatstrikers 2017 Remix), here:



The sun is out and festival season is underway… Perfect conditions for a scorching future house track. Enter Greg Deal with his fantastic new track ‘Daydream’, packed with all the ingredients to get you in the groove for summer.

There is almost a tropical feel about this original, with smooth, warm chord progressions beginning the breakdown sections. Apt vocal chops soon filter in, blending in unison with a melodious lead synth. Then the really striking part, a phenomenal build up toan energetic drop.

In ‘Daydream’, Dela’s drop segments are striking. The melody is catchy and flowing, the production is on point, with close attention paid to the technical details. Layered to perfection, the drops have huge amounts of energy and compliment the breakdowns well. With smooth, natural transitions fusing the track together, this track is extremely listenable.

With a careful mixdown, combined with an obviously expansive production knowledge, Greg Deal has created a phenomenal track here, one you will want to listen to more than once.

This is a talent to become familiar with. With support and positive feedback from dance music’s elite already under his belt, including the likes of Don Diablo, Twoloud, Tom Swoon, Mike Williams, Thomas Gold, Loopers, Sem Thomasson, Kenn Colt, Mark Villa and many more,  Dela is well on his way to success.

We look forward to hearing his upcoming tracks and following this promising producer’s journey as it unfolds. Check out Greg Dela – Daydream, here:



Up and coming American producer Quiotis sets the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool benchmark high with his entry ‘Work Hard’. With competition at an all-time high for Spinnin’ Records contracts, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. That is exactly what Quiotis achieves with his future house, big-room esque sound.

Originality is what comes to mind after multiple listens to this track. It really does have a bit of everything from lush female house vocals to Super Mario FX! Underpinned by solid percussive work and an evolving, creative flow, this is an original that will keep you coming back.

Quitotis demonstrates his production knowledge here. He has clearly taken the time to perfect his sound, which ebbs originality. In a popular contest, possession of a unique sound is essential and Quitotis deserves recognition in the form of votes in the Spinnin’ Talent Pool.

While originally hailing from Los Angeles, Quitotis is now residing in Ibiza, showcasing his new material and DJ repertoire on for popular boat party company Oceanbeat Ibiza. If you are headed out to the Ibiza this summer, make sure you catch up with Quitotis, a DJ you certainly won’t want to miss.

Check out Quiotis – Work Hard, here… And don’t forget to vote!