Innovative Canadian techno producer DieOne is back with a bang this week, releasing another huge dark electro based thriller ‘Side Climber’. Continuing his prodigious string of hot techno tracks, this up-and-coming talent is on fine form with his latest original. Dark electro and techno DJ’s and fans will find his unique sound alluring and well fitting for their club nights.

With tracks possessing a particular signature style, completely individual to DieOne, his tracks are distinctive and immediately recognisable. From pressing play on ‘Side Climber’, one knows this is unmistakably his work. Characterised by big kicks and huge, speaker shattering drum loops, his sound design also stands out. Here is a producer absolutely comfortable in the shape of his sound and better still, he is seemingly really enjoying his production journey.

It is always a pleasure to review a DieOne tune, but ‘Side Climber’ may just be his best work yet. Encompassing a funky, club friendly, yet melodic edge to his usual techno-laden beats, makes ‘Side Climber’ really stand out from the crowd. You can just imagine this track being dropped by Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills and other techno greats.

We are thoroughly enjoying watching DieOne’s career unfold and evolve, and bringing you his latest releases first, here on Keep up to date with him on his Facebook page:

Check out DieOne – Side Climber, available to download free, here:


Rising Canadian techno producer and underrated phenomenon DJ Jason LP is back with a huge remix of Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Push It’. Now aptly renamed ‘Get Up On This’, the 1986 track from the infamous New York trio was in desperate need of a reboot. Three decades on it finally gets one. With techno music also making a return to popularity, the combination here of skilful producer and track selection is extremely potent.

Punchy, fat drums are the order here, giving this rework a driving, flowing, club feel that jumps out of the speakers. Multiple electro FX elements are at play throughout including sirens and sweeps, working alongside the famous Salt-N-Pepa vocals, giving this track a dark, atmospheric and electro-style vibe. The vocals are processed and looped, manipulated in a masterful way in order to work seamlessly with DJ Jason’s remix. The sign of a solid producer comfortable with their workflow.

There is a certain art to remixing old tracks. Particularly difficult to get right, some would argue, are those of a completely different genre. So much so that the creativity and imagination required to successfully transform a rock track, in this case, into a dark electro-esque techno track, with an entirely different theme and tempo, transcends the scope of most producers. DJ Jason LP,. makes it sound easy.

Here we have a producer that is not afraid to impart his own signature sound on a classic track. ‘Get Up On This (Push It)’ is a bold, brave and quite remarkable remix. It will certainly appeal to techno, electro and big room fans alike. DJ Jason is certainly using his wealth of production knowledge and we look forward to hearing his future releases. Be sure to check out Dj Jason LP – Get Up On This (Push It) Remix Dark Electro Techno, available as a free download, here:


Inspiring stateside big-room DJ and producer James Gary, aka Toast, drops his latest huge festival crowd-pleaser ‘We Won’t Go’. This is an electro track you really do not want to miss, from the EDM One Radio Saturday night resident DJ.

Toast’s phenomenal original begins with a tidy intro into a mini-breakdown section. Here we have the first taste of the fantastic melodies about to come into play. A higher pitched synth with a vocoder twist providing the intricate melody work here before we are thrown into a great tension-generating build up featuring crowd chants, snares and risers fused together and automated smoothly.

Into the drop where Toast’s lead bass-house style sound works brilliantly with a catchy melody. There is an excellent choice of kick drum working in unison with the bassline. As the drop progresses we have more and more elements that come into play with off-beat claps, risers and support synths. These mixed together well, compliment each other and form a spectrum-filling, energetic drop section.

The second/main break really is stunning work, featuring more of the higher lead melodious synths we heard before the drop combined with cinematic drums and atmospheric FX. Not dissimilar to KSHMR’s style, we have very intriguing Oriental vocal chops entering this flowing mix. This adds a marvellous dynamic and defines this track in a way as something innovative and extremely creative.

As the second drop hits we pick up even more energy with pitch-shifting high synths working in the background. The vocal chops from the main break are incorporated into some of the fills too. A subtle, but striking detail, which in a sense, highlights Toast’s production workflow as highly professional and creative.

This is a producer with which electro and EDM fans will want to familiarise themselves with. He is as capable in the studio as he is on the ones and twos, his production abilities first-rate. We look forward to hearing his future tracks and bringing them to you first. Check out Toast – We Won’t Go, available for a free download, here:


Up-and-coming techno talent Die One are back with a huge techno club track ‘Pong Pong’. Technically classed as a re-release from a few years ago, this latest instalment will be well received by techno and electro fans. Die One are becoming well-known for their hard-hitting, dark electro style. ‘Pong Pong’ is sure to get the party started.

Heavy, punchy drums and other fitting percussion, combined with aggressive techno lead synths, are the order here. ‘Pong pong’ features a heavy bass line suitable for any techno club set. There is a great flow to this track that evolves the sound throughout as the various elements come in and out, sounding natural and making the transitions sound effortless.

The mixdown here is particularly tidy, with intriguing panning FX presumably giving the track its name. With a solid melody and firm idea for this track, designed to be played at maximum volume, this is am original that would fit nicely into a Carl Cox or Dubfire set.

Techno, is back on the rise, which is fantastic to see as it is one of the oldest genres along with trance. Producers such as Die One are reinventing and injecting techno with more and more creativity, assisting its climb back to popularity.

With an ever growing Soundcloud channel, Die One continues to go from strength to strength as their sound develops. They are developing a firm fan base and their career looks strong with a promising future ahead. We look forward to hearing their upcoming releases and bringing them to you first. Available to download now, check out Die One Techno PONG PONG nightclub techno 128 bpm, here:


Techno is certainly on the rise of late, thanks to up-and-coming producers such as Canadian based outfit Washington Crooks. They bring you their ‘dark electro techno house’ remix of Colder – Midnight Fever. And it certainly does not disappoint. This is one techno fans and DJ’s will want to drop in their sets this summer.

As you’d expect with a techno remix, the drums are key. Here they are heavy and hard-hitting, generating huge amounts of energy and really creating a driving flowing feel. The dark atmospheric-esque vocals sit well as a top line above multiple complex synth layers. The outstanding thing in this rework is the use of fat bass sounds that literally pump out of the speakers.

Utilising their production knowledge well, Washington Crooks have fused the various elements here from synth to percussive, allowing for a solid mixdown. The vocals blend nicely into their remix, with transitions and FX sample selection on point, giving this track maximum impact.

As the lines between techno and various strands of electro house blur evermore in this remix, Washington Crooks are carving their signature sound nicely. We look forward to seeing what they offer over the coming months and years. Judging by this remix, the future looks exciting for them.

Check out Colder- Midnight Fever- (dark Electrotechnohouse Remix 123bpm), here:




27 year-old up-and-coming Italian producer Roberto Coscia presents his latest EDM track ‘Cloudy Sky’. Hailing from Adelfia, Italy, now based in the UK, this is a talent you will want to become familiar with. He clearly has big things up his sleeve with this latest drop, available from digital music stores from 26th May.

Coscia’s use of plucks in this original works sets the tone perfectly for a catchy melodic drop. The percussion is spot on throughout, with fitting drums sounding punchy and bold. Drum transients cut through a well crafted mix and would create a decent groove on the dance floor. The drop itself has a fantastic bass line that blends perfectly with the kick drum.

What is perhaps most interesting here is the structure of this track and Coscia’s use of the various elements. Detailing, like the drop not coming quite when you expect and smart use of FX, add to the tension. The project has a tremendous flow which serves to keep the listener engaged throughout.

With a careful mixdown creating a tidy, clean track, Coscia is obviously well and truly on his way to success, demonstrating good production technical knowledge in ‘Cloudy Sky’. A track sure to get your weekend in gear, and one to drop in your sets as festival season gets into full swing.

Check out Roberto Coscia – Cloudy Sky (Extended Mix), here: