18 year-old up-and-coming DJ/producer Jamie Mesia, better known as Skreamz, presents his latest, fantastic release ‘Pursuits’. Proving no stranger to the studio, this tropical deep house original showcases the prodigious Spanish artist’s vast production talents. Perfect for the summer, with tropical instrumentation in abundance, ‘Pursuits’ is ideal for those days in the sun.

The intro features shimmering piano chords with police sirens and speeding car samples paying tribute to the apt name: ‘Pursuits’. Shortly, the pace is picked up in a stunning house-style drop with glockenspiel lead overtones complimenting a brass underlay and superb percussion.

Into a break down where the beautiful lead melody continues lightly in the highs. A most pleasant surprise lies in store during the back of the second drop, as Skreamz suddenly increases the energy and introduces more percussion in a highly danceable switch up variant of the drop. Simply outstanding creativity.

The various sections are fused together seamlessly and the mixing is on point. ‘Pursuits’ sounds lively and dynamic on a range of sound systems, furthering our belief that Skreamz really has what it takes to go a very long way in this industry. We look forward to keeping up to date with his future releases as his exciting career unfolds.

Check out Skreamz – Pursuits, available to download free, here:



19 year-old Parisian producer Vowed presents his latest, absolutely stunning, deep house track ‘Nobel’. The journey for this talented artist has been a long one, beginning at the young age of just 9, playing guitar, piano and drums. Now a decade on he is producing some of the best house and deep music you are likely to hear today.

Distinct, male, spoken word in French begins this outstanding five and a half minute original. Arpeggiated organ sounds fill the remainder of an opening break, with unbelievably well-crafted dynamics. Tension smoothly builds towards a drop section that is not unlike Tchami – Adieu, both in its nature and the quality of production.

Vowed’s sound design is a work of art in its own right here, The bass synth leading the drop is particularly spellbinding. It’s analogue synthesised character epitomising incredible and knowledgeable sound design and processing.

This is seriously impressive work, with two unique, separate styles here working together. Breakdowns with arps and spoken word, combined with drop sections filled with solid percussive elements and bass synths making for subtly grooving up-tempo segments.

Since 2011 Vowed has been perfecting his music production skills in his DAW. All that effort is finally paying off in dividends now and his sound is utterly dazzling. This is a name you will want to become familiar with, sooner rather than later. Check out Vowed – Nobel, available here:


Inspiring producer Half An Orange brings us his brand new single ‘Stems’, an absolute treat for the ears. Lyrically profound, this is a track that will appeal to a vast audience, from pop to chill and deep house listeners. It is a truly delightful piece that suits lazy Sundays and nostalgic moments.

Simplistic in nature, ‘Stems’ focusses on the lyrics, that are a work of art in their own right. The creative genius that has gone into penning these words, is not to be dismissed. Lyric writing is a particular skill. To then translate those words into such a stunning vocal as we have here, is really something special. The vision that was in his mind when the duo wrote these lyrics is conveyed brilliantly. Words such as ‘take me to a time when I thought that my life would be simple’ make them relatable to everyone.

Underpinning the impressive male vocal are mood-enhancing piano chords which work effortlessly to compliment the top-line. Light percussive elements form the low end and give a sense of flow to this original.

To add to the overall mix, Half An Orange has incorporated majestic filtered vocal FX into certain sections, which add to the dynamics and help fill the track. This really is an incredibly professional sounding piece of music.

Brilliantly composed, lyrically spellbinding and smooth as velvet on the ears, ‘Stems’ is something to add to your chill playlist immediately. The vocal is recorded and mixed impeccably. It has the mark of an experienced duo completely comfortable in their sound and enjoying their production journey. We are gripped by this track and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Half An Orange. Check out ‘Stems’, here:



Fresh off his previous lyrical masterpiece ‘Celebrate’, reviewed here by, we present Soule’s fantastic follow up: ‘Inbox’, offering hip-hop, chill trap and even future bass and deep house fans more of his outstanding, unique style.

Overplaying a blurry, atmospheric, downtempo instrumental track, Soule’s distinct voice begins to float through a filter that gradually opens up into this original. Intriguing, ingeniously composed lyrics are the signature style of this US based artist, and here they are particularly potent, for example:

‘Got labels blowing my inbox
Back then when they gave me no noise, heard that pin drop
Still played it cool, but I’m due for my damn guap
Boy so efficient, drop 30 in 10 shots’.

Soule has a unique and extremely creative way to convey his message, this originality will carry him a long way. His ability to not only write so well, but to then translate that into a smooth vocal stem is demonstrative of talent that is hard to teach. This is natural ability at play, a quality that is difficult to find.

With production on point here too, one really gets the feeling that the original concept for this track propelled the whole project, and the final product allows the listener a glimpse of what Soule had in mind when he penned ‘Inbox’.

With a string of sublime tracks under his belt, the future is looking phenomenally good for Soule. We look forward to bringing you his latest tracks right here. Check out Soule – Inbox, here:


Australian trio Drawing North bring you their latest incredible release ‘Think About You’. They continue a fantastic journey from writing simple pop demos in a garage to selling out as headliners at a show in their hometown of Canberra. Possessing a unique alternative, pop inspired sound, it is only a matter of time before the three friends receive recognition on a global scale.

Song-writing seems to flow effortlessly from the trio, with ‘Think About You’ potentially being their best track yet. Lyrically sublime, this original will be welcomed by pop, alternative, deep house and chill trap fans alike. Drawing North have that remarkable ability to let the listener feel what they did when they wrote it.

With a dreamy vocal leading this down-tempo chill project, accompanied by live percussive elements, lush pads and magical piano chord progressions, the production here is world-class. With stunning backing vocals, chops, guitars and light FX, ‘Think About You’ is quite dazzling.

Their debut album being released through Universal Music last year peaked at number 3 on the iTunes chart, proving Drawing North are already well on their way to becoming a world-wide phenomenon.

If you do one thing today, check out this talented trio, before someone else tells you about them. Drawing North – Think About You is available to download now, check it out here:



Ensis records’ are on fire with their new summer inspired release: ‘Chris Roland & Lambi & BLVCKPRINT feat. Oliver Lord – Got To Be There’. With  support from dance music’s elite including the likes of Timmy Trumpet, Yves V, Denny Berland, Danny Avila, Wolfpack, APEK and Jegers, this is a tropical-style deep house track you won’t want to miss.

A fantastic, dulcet male vocal, by the very talented Oliver Lord, is the highlight here, with original and creative lyrics. It serves as the perfect overlay for dreamy, tropical instrument layering. The vocal mixing is incredibly good too, with backing vocals merging perfectly with the main top-line to give an incredible euphonious, dynamic feel.

On the instrumental side, a lush pan-flute offers a delightful melody, accompanied by delicate tropical pluck chords and guitar elements. With attentive listening, you can hear the pure production quality shining through on this record. It backs the vocal beautifully, without overshadowing or dominating. It is mixed in such a skilful way, which radiates production excellence.

With key support in the industry, not to mention being released on an up-and-coming quality label, this track is destined for great things. That includes being heard and played by many more of music’s A-list.

We’re looking forward to hearing future releases from this exciting label, from Chris Roland, Lambi, BLVCKPRINT and of course, Oliver Lord. Check out ‘Got To Be There’ here, available now to stream and download: