Talented Californian producer Phuse teams up with Jo-B Sebastian for their exciting collaboration: ‘Breathe Again’. This down-tempo electronic track sounds phenomenal and is incredibly well produced. With its light, pop-edged electronic style appealing to a vast audience, this is the perfect summer track for those days at the beach. It’s genre spanning vibe even gives this track potential on the decks, making it extremely accessible.

From pressing play, the production quality here is obvious. Phuse and Jo-B Sebastian are no strangers to the studio. Phuse was indeed named the 2014 Insomniac Discovery Project Winner for EDC Las Vegas. With a catalogue of strong releases and remixes, it is easy to see why.

‘Breathe Again’ features unique and well crafted synths and light percussive elements, serving as a backdrop to a smooth, almost R&B style vocal stem. The vocal is impeccably and painstakingly mixed here, including fantastic panning FX and backing vocals filling the gaps nicely in a truly dazzling original. An array of instruments from synths to piano keep this sensational four minutes flowing and interesting.

This is a track worthy of much air play and support from the upper tiers of the music industry. If you are not familiar with Phuse and Jo-B Sebastian, it is time to acquaint yourself. We are excited to see what the future brings them and watching this track enjoy a s reception. Available to download for free, check out Phuse X Jo-B Sebastian – Breathe Again, here:


It is always refreshing when we are introduced to a small Soundcloud page with incredible music on it. The sense of discovering a relatively unknown gem is fantastic. Here Beautiful Devine is a perfect example. They present their new down-tempo, melodic, hip-hop track ‘Righteous Run’, one you certainly won’t want to miss.

Lyrically intriguing with creativity in abundance, this latest release by the duo is silky smooth and will appeal to a wide audience, from pop listeners to hip-hop and rap fans. ‘Righteous Run’ is lightweight for a hip-hop track, which isn’t a bad thing. Quite the opposite. This melodic, chilled take on hip-hop is stunning and will leave you checking out more of their phenomenal work.

Production by Highvibe is on point in ‘Righteous Run’, comprised largely of piano chords and melodies with a superb depiction of appropriately light hip- hop percussion. The Beautiful Devine vocal stem is perfectly mixed into the instrumental and focus is rightly placed on this effortlessly sung top-line.

With impeccable lyrical creation followed up with a smooth, well sung vocal, Beautiful Devine allow the listener an insight into the story behind the words in ‘Righteous Run’. This is a very promising up-and-coming act and we are excited to see what the future holds for them. Check out Beautiful Devine – Righteous Run, here:


Stateside up-and-coming producer Alek Graham presents his new chill hip-hop instrumental track ‘Manhattan’. Made in his hotel room overlooking Times Square, this track was born from walking the streets of New York and (his own words) “seeing everything there is to see on the crazy island of Manhattan.”

This track has a distinct, incredibly unique, feel to it. It would fall into the category of instrumental down-tempo hip-hop. Yet somehow there is a lot more to it than that. Abstract, cinematic and atmospheric, it flows and evolves through a smooth three and a half minutes. You can actually picture the sights and sounds of Manhattan in your mind while you are listening, which is translation in its finest form.

Simplistic, yet effective, hip-hop percussive elements serve up a solid rhythm from which this track is constructed. Graham fills the rest of the spectrum with complex atmospheric sounds and synths, creating intrigue and adding mystery to his original. There are a variety of unusual and different flavours thrown into this evolving mix.

It is always refreshing to find something a little bit different and free from the atypical constraints of genre boxes. Graham has perfectly recreated an initial idea for a track, found on the fast moving streets of the Big Apple. With mixing and mastering performed by Lucidity, ‘Manhatten’ sounds professional and well crafted.

We are excited to see what the future holds for an artist who is not afraid to write something a little bit different using a producer’s primary skill: creativity. Available for a free download, check out Alek Graham – Manhattan, here:



Inspiring producer Half An Orange brings us his brand new single ‘Stems’, an absolute treat for the ears. Lyrically profound, this is a track that will appeal to a vast audience, from pop to chill and deep house listeners. It is a truly delightful piece that suits lazy Sundays and nostalgic moments.

Simplistic in nature, ‘Stems’ focusses on the lyrics, that are a work of art in their own right. The creative genius that has gone into penning these words, is not to be dismissed. Lyric writing is a particular skill. To then translate those words into such a stunning vocal as we have here, is really something special. The vision that was in his mind when the duo wrote these lyrics is conveyed brilliantly. Words such as ‘take me to a time when I thought that my life would be simple’ make them relatable to everyone.

Underpinning the impressive male vocal are mood-enhancing piano chords which work effortlessly to compliment the top-line. Light percussive elements form the low end and give a sense of flow to this original.

To add to the overall mix, Half An Orange has incorporated majestic filtered vocal FX into certain sections, which add to the dynamics and help fill the track. This really is an incredibly professional sounding piece of music.

Brilliantly composed, lyrically spellbinding and smooth as velvet on the ears, ‘Stems’ is something to add to your chill playlist immediately. The vocal is recorded and mixed impeccably. It has the mark of an experienced duo completely comfortable in their sound and enjoying their production journey. We are gripped by this track and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Half An Orange. Check out ‘Stems’, here: