French producer Thomas May presents his latest release ‘Beautiful Girl’, a progressive house track on the lighter side. This is a record likely to appeal to tropical house listeners, with its airy and warm summer style, and the careful selection of instruments used. This is a producer confident in his sound and pushing the genre boundaries to create the music he wants, which in turn, makes it appealing to a wide audience. ‘Beautiful Girl’ has something for everyone to enjoy, from house music to pop fans.

‘Beautiful Girl’ is a radio mix and starts in the first break down with female vocals above lush tropical-style arps and chords. The vocal fits well into May’s track and gives the impression that the track was constructed around it, a glimpse at this talented producer’s creativity.

A light build up leads us to a fantastic, dreamy, progressive house drop with a light summer inspired feel. Lead sounds from pan flutes, above synth chords, offer a catchy melody, which is likely to get stuck in your head. You get the distinct impression you are listening to a well-manufactured track here.

May’s mixdown is clean and yet powerful, in the right places. His choice of instruments intelligently represent the type of track he had in his mind when writing ‘Beautiful Girl’ and the production skills at play here, are in abundance. This rising producer is certainly one to watch as his unique style will play well in a variety of settings, from the beach to the club or festival scene.

Available to download completely free, ‘Beautiful Girl’ is one to immediately add to your summer playlist. We are excited to keep an eye on this inspiring producer’s future releases and bring them to you first. Check out Thomas May – Beautiful Girl, here:


Freak Fineman is a name every pop and electronic music fan should be familiar with. This Chicago born genius has etched his way into musical greatness with a multi-platinum back catalogue of famous releases with many well known artists. He produced ‘Amusement Park’, 50 Cent’s hit single from 13 times platinum selling album ‘Curtis’.

Fineman has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Daft Punk, Madonna, Beyonce, No Doubt, Prince, Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys, to name but a few. He also had many years of success producing on behalf of Roger Sanchez.

Following ten years of touring with the world’s most elite DJ’s and artists, Freak Fineman is producing now under his own name. Following his recent house release featuring none other than Fatman Scoop, Fineman presents his latest house track ‘Addiction’.

This track is, as you would expect, incredibly well produced, mixed and mastered. It is a treat for the ears, with a fantastic vocal sung by JaQuita May. There is not a dull moment  here, with the vocal encompassing the vast majority of this 3:45 radio mix. Fineman’s vocal mixing on May’s topline is second to none and her voice blends seamlessly into the overall mixdown.

Fineman keeps things flowing and interesting with an array of drops and breakdown sections, with world-class sound design and an eclectic range of instrumentation from lead drop synths to nylon guitars, ensuring every second of ‘Addiction’ is thoroughly enjoyable.

Released on the infamous S&S Records, ‘Addiction’ is a track we expect to do very well this summer and look forward to watching its success. Check out Freak Fineman – Addiction feat. JaQuita May (Radio Edit), here:


23 year old Stateside producer Michael Barnard presents his absolutely stunning remix of Ariana Grande’s ‘Into You’. Bridging genres with his own signature style, this rework sits ideally between pop and trap, thus appealing to a huge audience.

Following a string of recent remixes, edits and originals on Soundcloud, this is perhaps Barnard’s best work yet. Normally producers find taking a song of one genre and remixing it in a different genre a difficult task, however, this up-and-coming artist manipulates Grande’s pop track, taken from her third studio album ‘Dangerous Woman’,  with ease here.

Simple piano notes form the intro for Barnard’s dazzling remix, before trap percussion picks up underneath the infamous Ariana Grande vocal. Plucks add to the tension as his version picks up momentum towards the drop, where the real magic lies here.

This is one of the finest trap drops you are likely to hear today, rhythmic, creative and absolutely maximising use of the vocal stem to form vocal chops that assist with the incredible melodies working away. The spectrum is full and these sections sound utterly professional, tightly mixed and superbly balanced coming out of the speakers. This is one you are going to thoroughly enjoy.

You can keep up-to-date with this talented producer on his socials here:



Be sure to check out and download (free) Ariana Grande – Into You (Michael Barnard Remix), here:


Swedish producer Ted Jorgensen, aka Van Heden presents his dance rework of Mary J. Blige’s classic R&B track ‘Family Affairs’. Adding his own house-esque signature to successfully remix this track as a club thriller, Heden gets our attention as an up-and-coming producer to keep an eye on.

Simplistic plucks before drum loops and FX kick off this remix. Tension builds with the famous Blige vocal stem woven over the top. Synths and other instrumentation enter the mix as Heden demonstrates his studio skills with smooth filtering and manipulation of the vocal between drop sections and down-tempo break segments.

Thanks to careful sample selection and driving percussive elements, balanced with a solid house kick drum, Van Heden treats listeners to a rework that is highly danceable. This is certain to grab people’s ears in the clubs and will appeal to house DJ’s. It is immediately recognisable as an updated house version of the beloved 2001 track from Blige’s album ‘No More Drama’.

With an abundance of energy and plenty of appeal for both contemporary R&B and dance music fans, this is a remix sure to intrigue many listeners. We look forward to hearing what the future brings for this creative Australia-based producer, honing his sound nicely on his music production journey.

Check out Mary J. Blige – Family Affairs (Van Heden Remix), here:



Talented Australian producer Ash Parker releases his incredible new single ‘YTB’, one for real house music fans to get their teeth into. Featuring stunning sound design and an enchanting, flowing style that pulls the listener in and takes them on an evolving journey spanning 5:53 of house music heaven.

Parker’s signature runs through this original, with its tech vibe smoothly switching the energy levels up and down as it flows from your sound system. There are so many stunning inclusions in this record with a slightly dark side to it, from deep male vocal samples to multiple and complex fx. The highlight however is the sheer power and energy generated from incredible sound design through the synths that make ‘YTB’ really stand out.

Obviously no stranger to the studio, Parker has clearly spent a long time honing his production skills and the effort is paying off in dividends now. This track is highly valuable to DJ’s searching for that scorching track at 3am under the club lights. A truly masterful piece of work and something that techno and tech dance music fans as opposed to big room EDM listeners will love.

We look forward to seeing what this up-and-coming artist has in store for us in the future and bringing you his releases first, on One to add to that playlist for the car now, or to add to your collection of club tracks, check out Ash Parker – YTB, here:


18 year old Spanish producer Licoppe presents his recently released, stunning, chill trap  original ‘Falling Down’, featuring the incredible voice of Stephen Flickner. This dreamily atmospheric, almost melancholy, electronica track is absolutely breathtaking and one you can’t afford to miss.

The highlight of this beautiful down-tempo record is, without doubt, Flickner’s dazzling vocal lead. Lyrically intriguing, ‘Falling Down’ shows off the best of this first-rate singer’s voice. Licoppe blends the top-line easily into his outstanding project and his instrumental underlay perfectly complements.

Licoppe’s production skills are extraordinary here, perhaps even more so because of his young age. He is an artist clearly comfortable with his sound and has created a flowing, easy-to-listen to three minutes here. ‘Falling Down’ is extremely listener-friendly, appealing to a wide array of electronic music and pop fans, with its velvety, smooth, pure sound making it a treat for the ears.

We can’t stop listening to ‘Falling Down’ and look forward to keeping up to date with Licoppe’s prosperous career. With a string of mesmerising tracks on his Soundcloud page, he is arguably one of the best up-and-coming talents of this year. Be sure to check out, available for a free download, Licoppe – Falling Down (feat. Stephen Flickner), here:


Up-and-coming German producer Taius presents his new melodic EDM track ‘Winter Is Here’. Inspired by the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, Taius has produced a thrilling three minutes here. Artwork featuring Jon Snow, from the TV series, sets the scene adequately for the captivating music you are about to hear.

Emphasis in ‘Winter Is Here’ is heavily on the fantastic hook melody lines penned by Taius. Starting with plucks over lush pad chords and evolving into full spectrum superset chords, tension gradually builds towards a progressive drop.

Utilising the intriguing melodies first introduced during the opening break, this track continues to evolve throughout the drop sections, with energy coming from underlying arps and percussive elements.

The transitions are smooth, giving a solid flow to Taius’ project, assisting the blend between the various different sections of this original and keeping the listener engaged. The combination of different lead synths used here is noteworthy and gives this track a very unique sound.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this rising artist, and keeping up-to-date with his upcoming releases. Appealing to all dance and EDM listeners, this one will be particularly pleasing to Game of Thrones fans.

Available now as a free download, check out Taius – Winter Is Here, below:


Aspiring New York minimal tech house producer Drissou, fresh off last months release ‘Just Keep Going’, reviewed here on, makes his return to the tech house scene with his latest track ‘Basic’. The released version is an extended mix, making it appealing to DJ’s for their sets.

‘Basic’ typifies Drissou’s signature sound, with emphasis placed on the use of percussion, which drives the track. The main groove in ‘Basic’ comes from a bass synth hook loop, well crafted and bouncy, providing the detail in this original.

Drissou states that only 12 stems were used during the production process, and he makes maximum use of such a minimal project with the different elements fused together well. Here we have five minutes that minimal house and tech house fans will find thrilling.

Drissou’s Soundcloud page states ‘non stop rhythm and drums’ and ‘beats that will keep you moving forward in life’, and he isn’t wrong. The focus of his production is, without doubt, on the percussive elements of house music and he has this skill owned, with the various loops and samples sounding crisp and punchy.

As avid fans of minimal and tech house, we are excited to see more from this stateside producer in the future and look forward to keeping up-to-date with his career, as it unfolds. Check out Drissou – Basic (Extended Mix), available to download for free, here:


Up-and-coming Glaswegian talent NDEM is back three weeks on from his incredible Snavs remix with another, arguably even more outstanding remix. This time he chooses to rework dwilly’s track ‘HMU’ featuring vocals by Meg Lieder. NDEM’s remix is nothing short of superb. Heavy competition, in fact, to the original track itself and one you certainly do not want to miss.

This remix is a radio edit style and we go straight into the breakdown with the fantastic original vocal from Meg Lieder sitting above arped chords. The chord patterns work perfectly to give a sense of tension, without drawing too much attention from the vocal.

However, the real magic in this remix comes in the contrasting drop sections. In the first drop, NDEM utilises the topline stem to its maximum potential as vocal chops that provide a stunning melody. These are carefully weaved around lead synths offering a complimentary support melody. Underneath is a light bassline and trap percussion providing rhythm.

The second drop is altogether quite contrasting to the first, helping to keep this remix interesting throughout. In a harder trap style, with a revved up melody, incorporating fills that comprise of chops of the first drop section, this latter drop is absolutely spellbinding.

In a scene saturated by average remixes, it is refreshing to hear such an incredible take on an original track. NDEM shows his studio skills are not to be dismissed here and he has clearly taken the time to hone his production knowledge. We look forward to an official release date for this remix and following this talented producer’s career as it unfolds. Check out dwilly – HMU ft. Meg Lieder (NDEM Remix), here:


Just when you didn’t think house music could get any better, in step rising Italian stars Antonio Fusaro DJ and Andrea Vignola, with their breathtaking future house track ‘I Wanna Dance’. This Beatport selling track has already received support from non other than Don Diablo and Dyro and is one of the finest house tracks you will hear today.

Released last week on Bimbomix records, ‘I Wanna Dance’ does exactly that. Break sections with mystical melodies from in a filter build into highly energetic drop sections, the order of this track. This is a collaboration that has clearly been worked on for a while from two talented producers, with the result being a truly stunning track.

The highlight of ‘I Wanna Dance’ are the drop sections. From contrasting breaks, where the listener gets a chance to catch their breath, the drops are high energy and very danceable, making this track great for the clubs.

This is one of the highest energy house tracks released this year. The stunning thing is, this energy is not achieved through an overload of drums and loops, but simply by sound design alone. Ferocious future house style synths are assisted by a synthesised whipping effect, mixed perfectly into the drops, that drives this track and generates huge amounts of energy.

Set to be a big hit this year, and already being well received, ‘I Wanna Dance’ is one to add to your playlist or record box immediately. We look forward to tracking this release and seeing what the future holds for Antonio Fusaro DJ and Andrea Vignola. Check out I Wanna Dance (original mix) – Antonio Fusaro & Andrea Vignola, here: