There are few remixes that stand out quite like Psilo Vibin’s hectic, yet flawless, glitch hop/complextro variation of Infected Mushroom’s ‘Zoan Sound’. Many different elements comprise this track. While to most producers that would present in itself a mammoth challenge, Psilo Vibin’ make it sound easy.

Beginning with classical guitars and glitchy vocals before moving into trap percussion this remix then suddenly drops into a complextro segment with electro components. At this point, Psilo’s remix is just really getting underway, with a near constantly evolving mid section. A second drop which, while in keeping with the theme, is unlike the first entirely, works perfectly.

This is a track that has to be heard to be believed. Despite being obviously complex and tricky to compose, somehow this gem manages to sound clean and flowing, like it is an original track. The mark of a good remix.

You can check it out here… available as a free download:


Dutch talent Antum’s latest track ‘Finally’ has hit the reboot nail on the head. Back in 1991 CeCe Peniston released the original track, now an old skool dance classic. However, despite remixes by David Morales and others, this significant and influential original track now sounds tired. In steps Antum.

What this prodigious producer has done here is staggering. Hardly surprising he has already received the support of big names like Dannic, Nicky Romero, Landis, Dave Silcox, Row Rocka and many more.

This is one of the finest remixes of this year. Taking the original vocals and, in part, applying multiple FX on them to achieve the right vibe for his remix, he has crafted a truly remarkable track here. Classic trap drums complement a superb, melodic, fast paced drop. The breaks focus on the vocal, with an atmospheric and almost cinematic feeling. I have to say the mixdown is incredibly tight here too.

Antum’s production skills are in abundance. This is a remix sure to get stuck in your head. The best part, its absolutely free. Check it out here…


Canadian DJ and producers Paris Fotis-Zoubris and Simone Teti, better known as Paris & Simo are well renowned for their striking electro and particularly progressive house sound. Since forming back in 2010, this competent duo have received much acclaim for their progressive style, with releases on Revealed Recordings, Flamingo, Spinnin’ Records, Protocol and Armada. They’ve had the privilege of collaborating with other virtuoso artists, the likes of: Lush & Simon; Joey Dale; Misha K; Rico & Miella; Tom Swoon; 3Lau; Bright Lights and Mako to name but a few.

Three months ago, the duo released ‘Evermore’, which appeared to contrast with their previous progressive work. The likeable Canadians had broken the mould and were branching into a more down-tempo pop, almost Chainsmokers esque sound. This very listener-friendly style was warmly received.

Since Evermore, they published two VLOGs, showing their convivial, amusing side. Seen in the studio with friends, eating at a Chinese restaurant and on tour in New York City, the VLOGs gave fans an insight into the humorous and light-hearted world of Paris & Simo.

On March 18th, they released ‘Keep Me Close’ featuring Sara Diamond. On YouTube they commented ‘THE BEST SONG WE HAVE EVER MADE….HOPE U GUYS LIKE IT AS MUCH AS WE DO FAMILIAAAAAAA <3’. They weren’t kidding. This simplistic, yet warm, melodic track with an absolutely stunning vocal is akin to velvet for the ears. It has that classic hit making quality: the knack for a song to become stuck in your head. That’s a difficult thing to manufacture, and in this instance it feels effortless. You won’t be able to listen to this just the once.

Paris & Simo continue to prove their seemingly limitless abilities as they delve into new territory, with more delicate productions. The future for them certainly looks rousing.

What do you think of ‘Keep Me Close’? Check it out here: