Talented up-and-coming 17-year old producer SIMIC presents his recently released remix of Cheat Codes’ hugely popular summer track ‘No Promises’. With the American DJ group’s original track receiving wide acclaim, following its release in March on Parlophone – Warner Bros, this was a truly excellent choice of track to remix.

SIMIC shows off his studio potential in this rework, the breakdowns utilising the original vocal of Demi Lovato and the group’s own Trevor Dahl, to full effect. Lush piano chords and light percussion underpin the infamous vocal toplines. Towards the drops, momentum picks up and the tension subtly builds.

The drop sections to SIMIC’s remix themselves, are of a well crafted, danceable house style nature, making his version highly adaptable and appealing to DJ’s. The lead synth through the drops is particularly well constructed and the transitions back into the more down-tempo breakdowns are smooth and flowing.

This hugely listenable remix of Cheat Codes massive summer track ‘No Promises’ delivers a unique take on the original track. This is a track that house and pop fans alike will enjoy, and is certainly one to add to that summer playlist or download for your upcoming set.

With a string of fantastic remixes on his Soundcloud page already, this is evidently a competent producer enjoying his sound and translating his ideas well through his DAW. We look forward to hearing what the future brings for SIMIC.

Check out Cheat Codes – No Promises feat. Demi Lovato, here:

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