Stateside up-and-coming producer Alek Graham presents his new chill hip-hop instrumental track ‘Manhattan’. Made in his hotel room overlooking Times Square, this track was born from walking the streets of New York and (his own words) “seeing everything there is to see on the crazy island of Manhattan.”

This track has a distinct, incredibly unique, feel to it. It would fall into the category of instrumental down-tempo hip-hop. Yet somehow there is a lot more to it than that. Abstract, cinematic and atmospheric, it flows and evolves through a smooth three and a half minutes. You can actually picture the sights and sounds of Manhattan in your mind while you are listening, which is translation in its finest form.

Simplistic, yet effective, hip-hop percussive elements serve up a solid rhythm from which this track is constructed. Graham fills the rest of the spectrum with complex atmospheric sounds and synths, creating intrigue and adding mystery to his original. There are a variety of unusual and different flavours thrown into this evolving mix.

It is always refreshing to find something a little bit different and free from the atypical constraints of genre boxes. Graham has perfectly recreated an initial idea for a track, found on the fast moving streets of the Big Apple.¬†With mixing and mastering performed by Lucidity, ‘Manhatten’ sounds professional and well crafted.

We are excited to see what the future holds for an artist who is not afraid to write something a little bit different using a producer’s primary skill: creativity. Available for a free download, check out Alek Graham – Manhattan, here:


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