19 year-old Parisian producer Vowed presents his latest, absolutely stunning, deep house track ‘Nobel’. The journey for this talented artist has been a long one, beginning at the young age of just 9, playing guitar, piano and drums. Now a decade on he is producing some of the best house and deep music you are likely to hear today.

Distinct, male, spoken word in French begins this outstanding five and a half minute original. Arpeggiated organ sounds fill the remainder of an opening break, with unbelievably well-crafted dynamics. Tension smoothly builds towards a drop section that is not unlike Tchami – Adieu, both in its nature and the quality of production.

Vowed’s sound design is a work of art in its own right here, The bass synth leading the drop is particularly spellbinding. It’s analogue synthesised character epitomising incredible and knowledgeable sound design and processing.

This is seriously impressive work, with two unique, separate styles here working together. Breakdowns with arps and spoken word, combined with drop sections filled with solid percussive elements and bass synths making for subtly grooving up-tempo segments.

Since 2011 Vowed has been perfecting his music production skills in his DAW. All that effort is finally paying off in dividends now and his sound is utterly dazzling. This is a name you will want to become familiar with, sooner rather than later. Check out Vowed – Nobel, available here:

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