Up-and-coming Glaswegian talent NDEM is back three weeks on from his incredible Snavs remix with another, arguably even more outstanding remix. This time he chooses to rework dwilly’s track ‘HMU’ featuring vocals by Meg Lieder. NDEM’s remix is nothing short of superb. Heavy competition, in fact, to the original track itself and one you certainly do not want to miss.

This remix is a radio edit style and we go straight into the breakdown with the fantastic original vocal from Meg Lieder sitting above arped chords. The chord patterns work perfectly to give a sense of tension, without drawing too much attention from the vocal.

However, the real magic in this remix comes in the contrasting drop sections. In the first drop, NDEM utilises the topline stem to its maximum potential as vocal chops that provide a stunning melody. These are carefully weaved around lead synths offering a complimentary support melody. Underneath is a light bassline and trap percussion providing rhythm.

The second drop is altogether quite contrasting to the first, helping to keep this remix interesting throughout. In a harder trap style, with a revved up melody, incorporating fills that comprise of chops of the first drop section, this latter drop is absolutely spellbinding.

In a scene saturated by average remixes, it is refreshing to hear such an incredible take on an original track. NDEM shows his studio skills are not to be dismissed here and he has clearly taken the time to hone his production knowledge. We look forward to an official release date for this remix and following this talented producer’s career as it unfolds. Check out dwilly – HMU ft. Meg Lieder (NDEM Remix), here:


Just when you didn’t think house music could get any better, in step rising Italian stars Antonio Fusaro DJ and Andrea Vignola, with their breathtaking future house track ‘I Wanna Dance’. This Beatport selling track has already received support from non other than Don Diablo and Dyro and is one of the finest house tracks you will hear today.

Released last week on Bimbomix records, ‘I Wanna Dance’ does exactly that. Break sections with mystical melodies from in a filter build into highly energetic drop sections, the order of this track. This is a collaboration that has clearly been worked on for a while from two talented producers, with the result being a truly stunning track.

The highlight of ‘I Wanna Dance’ are the drop sections. From contrasting breaks, where the listener gets a chance to catch their breath, the drops are high energy and very danceable, making this track great for the clubs.

This is one of the highest energy house tracks released this year. The stunning thing is, this energy is not achieved through an overload of drums and loops, but simply by sound design alone. Ferocious future house style synths are assisted by a synthesised whipping effect, mixed perfectly into the drops, that drives this track and generates huge amounts of energy.

Set to be a big hit this year, and already being well received, ‘I Wanna Dance’ is one to add to your playlist or record box immediately. We look forward to tracking this release and seeing what the future holds for Antonio Fusaro DJ and Andrea Vignola. Check out I Wanna Dance (original mix) – Antonio Fusaro & Andrea Vignola, here:


Impressive up-and-coming Italian talent Valerio Bonfardeci, aka bVd, is one to watch this year as he drops his incredible reboot of Alice Deejay’s old school anthem ‘Better Off Alone’. Leaving his own future house style mark on a classic, he utilises the original melody lines and vocal, but everything else is from scratch here.

Taking such a famous and much loved original track and transforming it into something that the modern house audience can enjoy is no simple task. Yet bVd makes it sound easy, with his finished product sounding utterly stunning.

This remix begins with an atmospheric manipulation of the well known vocal topline floating over a carefully crafted piano chord sequence. A smooth riser takes us into a future house drop section, making full use of the original melody. There is a flowing and dance floor friendly sense of rhythm in the drop sections that injects energy into this remix.

As the main breakdown hits, you realise that you are thoroughly enjoying this record. The break sections are dazzling as the vocal takes you immediately back to the year 2000 when the first version was released.

In a scene that sees an increasing trend of remixes and variations of different tracks, it is  refreshing to find such an outstanding rework. bVd’s mixdown is impeccable, sounding clean and crisp. The vocal section which defines the track is loud, but does not drown out the instrument layering and blends well into his track.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this talented producer and look forward to bringing you his future releases here first on edmlead.blog. You just can’t miss this incredible reboot, available kindly as a free download. Check out Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone (bVd Remix), here:


German producer Unjay, teams up with stateside vocalist Lilian Rasti, aka Laylil for their latest chill trap collaboration: ‘Queen of Everything’. Exemplary song writing combined with phenomenal production talent makes for very powerful music. This is one you certainly will not want to miss.

Singer and songwriter Laylil’s warm and professional vocal topline is the focus of this original and shows huge creativity lyrically. She uses the words in this compostition wisely to tell her story. To be a fantastic vocalist is one thing, but to be able to write and storytell through words is the mark of a skilful musician and shows huge musical ability. Her voice produces a great vocal that blends superbly with the instrumental underlay.

Chill trap and pop enthusiasts will enjoy the down-tempo production working just beneath the vocal topline here. Airy and light synths fill the spectrum with remarkable sound design evident particularly on the leads. The melodies and FX work smoothly to compliment Laylil’s voice and add a solid backdrop to her topline.

The transitional FX and percussive elements fit the trap style here and provide a great flow through drop and break sections in what is a fantastic 3:12. The vocal mixing that has been painstakingly completed by Unjay is noteworthy and fuses the vocal to the instrument layering.

‘Queen of Everything’ is a radio-friendly track that stands out and is deserving of much air time. There is musical ability in abundance here and you get the distinct impression that a lot of work has gone into the making of this record.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Unjay and Laylil’s careers and bringing you their future releases first, on Edmlead.blog. Check out UNJAY – Queen of Everything (ft. Laylil), available to download absolutely free, here:


Los Angeles producer Chuck Shadow presents ‘Rastafari’, just one of three superb tracks that compile his recently released ‘Dub House EP’. This up-and-coming talent shows he is completely at home in the studio with a great collection of house tracks that form the EP, epitomised by the tantalising sound of Rastafari, which was released on Independence Day.

Chuck imparts his own incredible, unique sound on this original, which would fit into the house music genre box, but offers something a little different. Reggae vocals form the main theme here, but there are an eclectic range of sounds at play through a fantastic 3:44, including dubstep and bass house shots and synths.

The intro is melodic and house-esque with brass sounds underpinning male reggae rasta-style vocals. This works smoothly into the first drop, where the groove of ‘Rastafari’ is immediately evident. It is at this point you realise you are listening to something special. Chuck’s drops are some of the best you will have heard. They are flowing, well mixed and very danceable. They would fit well in a range of settings, from the club or festival to a summer pool party.

In the down-tempo main break, more brass sections form the melodies, sounding funky and smooth out of the speakers. The transition back into second drop is slick and effortless, a tribute to an incredible mixdown. The mastering is also noteworthy, with this track sounding sublime on a range of systems, from an iPhone speaker to a club system.

One to immediately download for your set, or pop in your summer playlist, ‘Rastafari’ is a treat for the ears and incredibly likeable. It has something for everyone, from house to dubstep enthusiasts, with a groove that makes you want to move. You just know this track is going to be huge.

We are enjoying Chuck Shadow’s Dub House EP and are looking forward to following this talented producer, as his career unfolds. Astonishingly, this EP is available free, a nice gift to the music world. You can stream Chuck Shadow – Rastafari through all portals, or check it out here:


EDMLead favourite Soule is back with more of his incredibly smooth style in his latest track ‘Nightshift Freestyle’, produced by OBESØN. Instantly unmistakable, Soule’s voice just seems to get better and better, and this original is some of his best work yet, following a string of strong releases of late. ‘Nightshift Freestyle’ will appeal to a wide audience, from hip-hop and rap fans to chill trap and pop listeners.

Lyrically spellbinding, which has become the signature of this remarkable stateside vocalist’s tracks, ‘Nightshift Freestyle’ oozes creativity and demonstrates Soule’s true potential behind the microphone. Words such as ‘but I keep it cool like thermal, iPhone like my journal, spittin’ truth like I’m fireproof but I’m trapped in the inferno’ indicates fantastic lyrical prowess. Soule likes to tell his story through an incredible use of words and they are highly relatable to his growing audience.

We are aware that Soule also takes an active interest in the production process, the sign of a true artist. This latest track is extremely well produced, mixed and mastered, by OBESØN. The backing instrumentation and percussion perfectly complement the smooth rhythms and flow inspired by the lead vocal. The vocal mixing, renowned for being a painstaking job in the production world, is incredible and brings out the very best in Soule’s dulcet overtones.

This is an artist to become familiar with now, before someone points him out to you. He is a truly talented lyricist and vocalist with a distinctive, smooth voice that will carry him all the way to the top in the music business. We are enjoying following his rapidly growing career and will endeavour to keep you up to date with his latest releases, here on edmlead.blog.

Check out Soule – Nightshift Freestyle. (prod. OBESØN), here:


Swedish producer Jens Danielsson, aka Arch TecH injects a bit of nostalgia into your day as he takes us back to the sound of the 90’s. Aptly named ‘The 90’s’, this disco infused track is reminiscent of some classic anthems from days gone by, the style and character of which feel forgotten now. However, he’s certainly not the only one who remembers how fantastic the rave culture music was.

Those who were a fan of the rave culture of the late 80’s and 90’s, and indeed the present-day EDM audience who perhaps want to take their minds back to how dance music used to sound, will appreciate this well crafted tribute.

Beginning with a 2 Unlimited melody from 1993, the famous ‘There’s No Limit’, with plenty of high energy underlying percussion to give his track energy, Arch TecH immediately installs that fantastic old school vibe in this fast flowing, dance floor ready project.

Lead synths and counter melodies continue the 90’s theme as this track evolves from the, now timeless, anthemic melody originally written by 2 Unlimited. Arch TecH does a great job of mixing the various synths and percussive elements here, and with a solid idea at play, creates a present-day track based on a brilliant classic. It sounds fantastic, with energy in abundance.

Arch TecH demonstrates here that he has plenty of creative ability, and is able to translate his ideas well through his DAW. He has brought back to life the infamous sound of the 80’s and 90’s in a unique reboot style. We look forward to seeing what else he has in store in the future and following his future releases. Check out Arch TecH – The 90s, available to download, here:


Hard trap producer Death By Aliens drop their latest, breathtaking track ‘Dark Rose’. Designed to hit the speakers hard, this is an original that will knock you for six, and yet you can’t wait to listen to it all over again. Little is known about the mysterious Death By Aliens, but what we do know is their sound is phenomenal and they are on course for big things.

In ‘Dark Rose’, the build up sections are phenomenal in their own right. They are pure trap genius and set the scene for the drops perfectly. Vocal chops float over rhythmic snares and risers that build monumental amounts of tension. They are bettered only by the drops that follow. Incredible, in your face, severe-as-they-come drops that you can feel pounding in your solar plexus. It sounds like a machine gun erupting with beats, making this track a must-listen experience for those that like their trap served heavy.

Death By Aliens make good use of the break section to bring the energy level down just enough for you to catch your breath with arps and atmospheric opera-esque vocals. Keys and other elements create an intriguing distant feeling, before a brilliant second build drives ‘Dark Rose’ into another explosive drop.

The production skills at play here are noteworthy and not something that can be learned overnight. Indeed they are evidence of many years of hard work. This track does exactly what it aims to do and delivers trap in a striking hardstyle, hard-psy dose of the best three and a half minutes you will hear today.

We’re drawn to the sound of Death By Aliens. They have a signature style that is unique and will carry them a long way. They certainly have an exciting future ahead of them and we look forward to following it. Check out Death By Aliens – Dark Rose, available free, here:


Good remixes are increasingly hard to find. They are akin to musical gems and every once in a while we come across one that is so good it rivals the original track. In steps accomplished producer Doom Dudash with his magnificent variation of Dillon Francis’ ‘Say Less’ feat. G-Eazy. Lying somewhere between trap and dubstep, this is an expertly crafted, genre-spanning track, which shows Dudash’s true potential.

Utilising elements such as G-Eazy’s infamous vocal marvellously to his advantage, Dudash’s ‘Say Less’ remix is rhythmic, clean and incredibly well mixed. The drop sections feature solid trap rhythms with fantastic spectrum filling synths demonstrating expert sound design. To compliment the melodious rhythms created with the lead synths, vocal chops are added into the mix to expand on the melodies.

The energy throughout is phenomenal and lively, with dubstep samples and borderline complextro FX assisting with an intriguing flow. This masterly technique of keeping each section different and interesting does not allow the track to get static and keeps the club moving.

This is a stunning remix that would not be out of place played at major clubs and festivals. Dudash is no stranger to the studio and his expansive production knowledge is evident throughout this rework. This is certainly a remix you will not want to miss and his signature style will appeal to a wide range of electronic music fans. We look forward to hearing Doom Dudash’s future releases and bringing them to you first. Check out Dillon Francis – Say Less Ft. G – Eazy (Doom Dudash Remix), available to download for free, here:


Up-and-coming New York producer Drissou presents his new minimal tech house track ‘Just Keeps Going’. His Soundcloud header reads ‘beats that will keep you moving forward in life’, he is not wrong, with several solid tech house tracks under his belt already. He states on his page ‘non-stop rhythm and drums’. That is precisely what this project delivers.

Tech house is a tricky genre to master. At a first glance it can appear simplistic to the ear. This is far from the truth though, for the importance of having a solid idea is so imperative due the lack of huge FX and elements that you might find in a big room or electro track for instance. Here Drissou makes it sound effortless. Tech house is an important tool especially for warm-up DJ’s to get people in the mood for the main event and this is certainly one for DJ’s to p

‘Just Keeps Going’ focusses around heavy bassline synths creating plenty of groove. These are propelled through the track by big kicks and percussive elements. Off-beat claps seem to be a favourite of Drissou and they add to the snares and high-hats working in the background to form a fantastic percussive undercurrent.

This is an original that will appear to house fans and techno fans, and with its minimal elements. The mixdown is clean and tight. Drissou demonstrates he is honing his skills nicely here and we look forward to seeing what the future brings for this rising stateside producer.

Check out Drissou – Just Keeps Going (Extended Mix), available to download for free, here: