In a music scene now dominated not by great DJ mixes but producers and tracks, it is refreshing, to say the least, when we discover a great podcast or set. In steps Australian DJ Buried King with his fantastic latest edition of the Deep Seahorse Podcast. This rising talent has already claimed support by none other than Baauer, Emoh Instead, Alison Wonderland, CRNKN, Dicky Trisco, Pete Herbert, Yolanda Be Cool, Aston Shuffle and Touch Sensitive to name but a few. It is easy to see why he is gaining so much recognition.

In episode #38, Buried King takes listeners on a marvellous disco and house journey that takes dance music back to what it used to be about, dancing. This eclectic set with an almost old-school style is skilfully mixed and its groovy sound will appeal to a vast and wide audience. This is a man that after all, is absolutely no stranger to the ones and twos, with residencies including premier clubs Pacha and Kit&Kaboodle.

Amassing a fair number of plays already, this is an episode well deserving of a large audience as Buried King eases through a dazzling track-list. Part of the difficulty of DJing is of course track selection. It is safe to say there isn’t a dull moment in this rich, flavoured hour of classic disco, nu disco and house. It is funky to the max, ‘peppered with deep, bass, tropical house sounds’ and sure to get your weekends clubbing started the right way.

We look forward to hearing much more from this capable Sydney-based DJ and following his career, here on EDMLead.com. Why not keep in touch with his socials for more updates? Be sure to check out the fantastic episode #38 of the Deep Seahorse Podcast, with the brilliant Buried King, here:


There is something special about a small Soundcloud channel with a few followers, yet absolutely fantastic music. Here we have a perfect example of such an underrated up-and-coming producer: Goshrend Delightful brings us his latest stunning trap example ‘The Adventure’.

From pressing play there is an immediate sense of quality here. The instrument selection is phenomenal, with high octane drops propelled by catchy and noteworthy melodies that will be etched in your mind for a while. Providing much of the energy through the drop sections particularly, is a sensational selection of trap percussion. This serves to really drive the track and creates most of the pace of the track.

In the break sections there is almost an orchestral feel, with synths and trumpets creating mesmerising melodious overtones and an array of jungle and orchestral percussion layering underneath. These separate segments are glued together marvellously with FX. The project structure is complextro in nature, and indeed incredibly complex, yet it sounds fluid and connected in this savage trap number.

High energy, rhythmic, solidly produced up-tempo trap is the order for this dazzling track. This is a track that will appeal to electronic music fans across the board, with its dubstep and complextro sound design. Truly sterling work from Goshrend Delightful with an eclectic range of sounds fused together brilliantly through an intricate mixdown on ‘The Adventure’ despite an obviously complex project.

Goshrend Delightful has clearly worked incredibly hard on his production knowledge and it is beginning to pay off in dividends. His sound is unique and well structured. We look forward to hearing his future tracks and bringing them to you first. Check out Goshrend Delightful – The Adventure, here:



Notorious Stateside producers 5 & A Dime X Peekaboo have just released their long awaited epic bass track ‘Make ‘Em Bounce’. With huge support under his belt already from some of the industry’s hottest players including Tiesto, Afrojack, DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, Deorro and Mercer, 5 & A Dime is experienced in the studio with a back catalogue full of stunning releases. Peekaboo is similarly well positioned in the upper ranks of the scene and the two together have massive capacity for an astounding project… This bass thriller, with a trap edge, definitely does not disappoint.

The vast amounts of energy injected into ‘Make ‘Em Bounce’ becomes evident immediately with a brief intro leading straight into a build that generates huge amounts of tension for the first drop. This section is bass heavy, with the lead synth sound design absolutely on point. The underlying percussion has trap resemblances and keeps the flow of the drop to a tee. Coupled with this is a fantastic, fuzzy bass synth that works as an overtone to the leads, purring out of the speakers beautifully and adds a completely unique signature sound on this stunning track.

The breakdown leaves a brief pause for breath before going straight into a second drop as outstanding as the first. There is an air of quality that runs through the entire 3:10 here and of course with such a competent duo as 5 & A Dime and Peekaboo, the mixdown and mastering is sheer quality.

This is a track bound to receive huge amounts of support and air time. It is a demonstration of two producers working together, who are both comfortable and accomplished in their abilities and sound. We look forward to hearing this played out during the summer by some of the biggest names out there. Check out 5 & A Dime X Peekaboo – Make ‘Em Bounce, available to download, here:



Stateside producer Vargas turns up the heat with his latest heavyweight release ‘Guardians Of The Gate’. Full of hardstyle influences, this is a huge, anthemic track that will have festival EDM fans captivated. With the summer season here and festivals in full swing globally, this is an original you simply cannot afford to miss.

From first pressing play you know this track is going to be special. As the first break immediately shows, the quality here is evident. Cinematic, brass sounds dominate as male vocals provide an atmospheric vibe. Musically, these sections demonstrate huge amounts of ability and the sound is fantastic.

As the first drop hits, things switch up a gear with a heavy-hitting, hardstyle-esque, speaker thumping vibe. The melody is well thought out and works ideally with the contrast melodies of the break sections. The kick drum and supporting percussion will actually take your breath away, it hits that hard… Marvellous.

The second breakdown is longer and encompasses more orchestral, atmospheric sounds. Vargas’ use of reverb, which is notoriously tricky to get right, is absolutely on point here. Instrument selection is incredibly good too, with brass sections working nicely alongside strings and even electric guitars. They set the scene perfectly for the second hardstyle drop.

With a solid mixdown bringing out the best of this production, Vargas is obviously a knowledgeable producer, comfortable with his sound. This is a track he is able to imparts his own unique signature sound on. ‘Guardians Of The Gate’ sounds dazzling, and is definitely one to put in your playlist for the summer.

We look forward to hearing this up-and-coming producer’s future releases and bringing them to you first. Check out Vargas – Guardians Of The Gate, available here:


UK based up-and-coming artist Rory Mckellar, aka Promise Miami, presents his new fabulous house track ‘Neon’. This is a track perfect for any event from beach party to clubs and festivals. Featuring an incredibly listenable summer vibe, this is an original which will appeal to an array of electronic music fans from a range of genres, including house, tropical, bass and future.

‘Neon’ focusses around vocal cuts and catchy synth melody lines, fused together perfectly. The break sections stand out for their light feel featuring female vocals and great sound design around well suited synths. The builds that make way for the drops with filtered bass synths are simply stunning and create plenty of tension.

The drops are electro, in nature and have a solid groove to them that allows this track to flow nicely with danceable sections that would be suited to club sets. Promise Miami’s production knowledge is something he has clearly taken the time to learn and master. The drops are clean, melodic and full of energy.

‘Neon’ does not allow the listener to get bored, with plenty of evolution and change between the various segments. In the second drop, for instance, there is a marvellous tempo change that brings things down a notch before cranking it back up to full speed. Details like this keep a track alive and offer listeners something a little bit different.

With exciting releases like ‘Neon’, Promise Miami certainly looks like an exciting producer for the future to keep your eye on. We look forward to bringing you his future releases and following this rising talent’s career as it unfolds. Check out Promise Miami – Neon, available as a free download, here:



Talented producer Lykan presents his incredible new single ‘Fly My Kite’, bringing some of the best chill trap you will hear today. With a future pop vibe, this is a light summer inspired track likely to appeal to an eclectic range of electronic music listeners. This artist’s sound is extremely professional and radio-friendly, indeed music deserving of many plays and plenty of air time.

‘Fly My Kite’ concentrates on airy female vocals underpinned by synth chord stabs. The break sections benefit from dazzling vocal chops that are incredibly well mixed and really make this track stand out. Lykan allows his production ability to be portrayed evidently through brilliant enhancement of the dynamic range through the break sections.

In the drops, these vocal chops come into play again to form a fantastic melody lead backed by typical trap percussion. The use of vocal chops in such a brilliant way creates a lot of euphoric energy through the drop sections and makes ‘Fly My Kite’ extremely pleasing on the ears.

What is perhaps most noteworthy here is the quality of the mixdown. This is typically done badly by up-and-coming producers but perfecting this skill can mean the difference between having a good idea for a record and translating that idea into a great sounding track. Here Lykan makes it sound easy, with each instrument layer serving its purpose to a tee and blending together to form a magnificently smooth, professional-sounding track.

With a range of solid tracks and remixes on Lykan’s Soundcloud page, this is a producer to keep your eye on. His radio-friendly style will delight a wide audience and will no doubt receive well deserved support from the music industry’s elite. We look forward to hearing his future productions and bringing them to you first. Check out Lykan – Fly My Kite, available kindly for a free download, available here:


French producer Johann Senn presents his latest incredible track, ‘Drac Me’. This is in a sense a complete journey of sound, sure to appeal to a vast audience, from big room to electro and complextro fans. Senn fuses together various themes seamlessly here from orchestral breaks to complextro, hard-electro style drops.

We begin with organ overtones working alongside string orchestral sounds that serve to create a vast symphony sound. Violins enter the mix and begin to wind up the tension towards a groovy first drop. The transition here from atmospheric, cinematic, orchestral segment to drop is natural and smooth. We maintain melodies introduced during the breakdown section as we go into the first drop. This is certainly a noteworthy technique, as it generates a solid overall theme for what is, essentially, a complex project, that allows the various different themes here to feel part of the same track.

The drop sections feature speaker-shaking kicks and basslines, which combine with full spectrum synth layers and the amazing, now-familiar, melody. This mixes well to allow Senn to create and build energy and release it in the drops before allowing it to dissipate in the orchestral segments. That control is production talent in full swing. It also keeps the listener engaged throughout the 6 minutes of this adventurous track.

The second breakdown features more spectacular, epic, orchestral sounds. There is knowledgeable use of automation here as the tension begins to build again towards a second drop. At first glance, you would not consider an orchestral break to fit with a complextro drop, but Senn really fuses the two contrasting sections well together in ‘Drac Me’.

With a careful mixdown and mastering bringing out the very best in this track, the production skills of this up-and-coming producer are clearly on point. He is developing his sound incredibly well and is certainly one to watch in the future. His music will appeal to a wide range of listeners, something that helps gain career momentum and longevity.

Check out the phenomenal Johann Senn’s ‘Drac Me’, available to download, here:


Following their recent release ‘War Pigs’, techno master Die One is back with a huge new dark electro track ‘Fear For Their Lives’, which won’t leave fans disappointed. This is certainly a track that will get any electronic music addict’s attention, with that unique style this rising Canadian producer is busy perfecting.

We begin this original with the unmistakable voice of US President Donald Trump speaking the words ‘Extremists, terror and violence’, which sets the tone aptly for the remainder of this noteworthy six minute techno smasher.

Die One’s usual format of hard, speaker shaking drums are absent from this project, with a fresh switched-up sound offering a relatively down-tempo techno vibe while still maintaining their usual dark and mysterious, atmospheric sound.

The male, spoken word vocal ‘Fear For Their Lives’, forms the focal point of this well-crafted track, with heavy vocal processing creating an interesting and memorable melody loop from those four words. This is a compelling theme and Die One has it owned here, weaving it superbly into this eerie track, when combined with off-beat synth stabs and fitting percussive elements.

With a string of successful tracks this year alone, Die One is going strong and their sound is specific, unique and individual. That is something that counts for a lot in a saturated market.

Techno is back in popular demand and Die One are one of the leading up-and-coming producers in that comeback. We will continue to bring you future releases of this outstanding techno talent with their unique, signature, electro edge. Check out Die One – Fear For Their Lives (Terror Dub 125bpm), available to download, here:


Talented Israeli producer A!nt That All brings us his latest, fantastically melodic remix of Drake’s infamous ‘Pa$$ionFruit’. With the original track receiving worldwide acclaim and huge amounts of radio air time, this was an exceptional choice of track to remix. We can safely say this is one of the best interpretations of this track available.

A!nt That All keeps things down-tempo, inline with the original version, with a distinct and well-crafted pop feel to it. There are tropical house tones seeping through this remix with the sound design comprising largely of organs and light synths. The original Drake vocal is well utilized and fits seamlessly with the instrumental, including incredibly well- mixed vocal chop FX.

The drop elements in this rework are the highlight, however, and are simply stunning, with a full-spectrum, chill-trap vibe to them. So well produced in fact, that they sound as if Martin Garrix had a hand with them. Seriously impressive stuff. These combined with fitting percussion, create an apt level of energy and assist nicely with the flow of the track.

As far as remixes go that are able to compete with the original version, few come close to A!nt That All’s rework of Pa$$ionFruit. This is a Tel Aviv producer with an abundance of production knowledge, clearly comfortable with his sound. Quite rightly so, because the hard work that has gone into honing his skills in the studio is completely evident here.

We look forward to hearing much more and following this up-and-coming producer’s career closely as it unfolds. Check out Drake – Pa$$ionFruit (A!nt That All Remix), available for a free download, here:



There is a certain art to DJing and set composition. It has to be thoroughly engaging and a journey of sorts, for the listener. This is where PigitaL excel with their latest mix ‘One Day In My House… #7’. This is a house mix of Afro house music with a tech-edge to it that encompasses the very best tribal style house beats in one incredibly mixed 54 minute set.

With the summer in full swing, this is perfect for a range of occasions and venues, from the beach to the club. It is mixed superbly, with beat-matching completely natural and on point. Indeed, even as a producer and DJ, I could barely tell where one track finished and the next begins. Mixing at its best. PigitaL is certainly no stranger to the ones and twos. In My House was, from the very start, an absolute pleasure to listen to.

You know a set is going to be interesting when it begins with spoken words from a famous Martin Luther King speech. As it progresses, energy picks up with tracks featuring smooth vocals and arps, whilst maintaining the overall Afro, tribal and tech feel.

With PigitaL keeping the summer spirit alive nicely with a fantastic combination of Latin and African rhythms here in ‘One Day In My House’, this is a DJ act with a clearly promising future. We would expect them to get a fair number of bookings this summer. They offer something a little bit different from the usual house, trap and EDM, in a way taking dance music back to its roots. This is a mix we will keep listening to, again and again.

Make sure if you do one thing today, you take a few minutes to listen to PigitaL – ‘One Day In My House… #7’, here: