The sun is out and festival season is underway… Perfect conditions for a scorching future house track. Enter Greg Deal with his fantastic new track ‘Daydream’, packed with all the ingredients to get you in the groove for summer.

There is almost a tropical feel about this original, with smooth, warm chord progressions beginning the breakdown sections. Apt vocal chops soon filter in, blending in unison with a melodious lead synth. Then the really striking part, a phenomenal build up toan energetic drop.

In ‘Daydream’, Dela’s drop segments are striking. The melody is catchy and flowing, the production is on point, with close attention paid to the technical details. Layered to perfection, the drops have huge amounts of energy and compliment the breakdowns well. With smooth, natural transitions fusing the track together, this track is extremely listenable.

With a careful mixdown, combined with an obviously expansive production knowledge, Greg Deal has created a phenomenal track here, one you will want to listen to more than once.

This is a talent to become familiar with. With support and positive feedback from dance music’s elite already under his belt, including the likes of Don Diablo, Twoloud, Tom Swoon, Mike Williams, Thomas Gold, Loopers, Sem Thomasson, Kenn Colt, Mark Villa and many more,  Dela is well on his way to success.

We look forward to hearing his upcoming tracks and following this promising producer’s journey as it unfolds. Check out Greg Dela – Daydream, here:


Every once in a while a collaboration comes our way that stops us in our tracks. Introducing the most powerful combination of producer and vocalists you will find today. Brimming with talent, this trio drop their eagerly awaited track ‘Another Day’, an exciting look at Loxe’s upcoming album, and it’s phenomenal.

Taking on a RnB-esque, chill trap, pop style, with vocals central, this is a record bound to get stuck in your head. Tālā’s distinctive voice introduces before the fantastically smooth Soule voice kicks into gear, his dulcet tones unmistakeable. The combination of Tālā vs Soule works effortlessly, with an impeccable standard of vocal mixing at play.

On the production front, Loxe is completely at ease and makes integrating male and female vocals as dual top-lines to sustained synth layering and percussion, sound easy. There is a listener-friendly flow to this original that makes it a pleasure to listen to. From a commercial point of view, it is incredibly likeable and radio-friendly, sure to appeal to a wide audience of music fans of various genres.

With individual tracks from each of these artists fairing well, Loxe’s productions are stunning, Tālā’s voice unmistakable and Soule’s lyrical ingenuity renowned, it seems obvious that quality would simply ooze from this track.

A 30th June release is planned as part of Loxe’s forthcoming album on major music outlets including iTunes and Apple Music, available to pre-order now and stream via Spotify. You can check out Loxe x Tālā x Soule – Another Day, here:


Up-and-coming hip hop talent Nasir Shams, aka Shams, delivers his latest potent dose rap fans will find lyrically inspiring as he drops ‘Hooligan’. Packed with all the ingredients you’d want from a formidable hip-hop number, this certainly does not disappoint.

With sound production from Young Moa Beats providing a fitting, down-tempo, urban backdrop to this lyrically heavy track and engineering by Saf, they have fused a strong original with top-notch vocal mixing bringing out the best of Shams voice. With a good groove in this production allowing for a flow that keeps the listener engaged and focussed on the words, this is an artist destined for a promising career.

Particularly noteworthy is the haunting vibe created by a combination of eerie synths, choice of key, percussion and of course Shams voice. This is unique and generates a signature sound distinct to Shams.

With the hip-hop scene as strong as ever, a genre with large amounts of support globally, never has there been a better time to drop heavyweight tracks like ‘Hooligan’. We’re intrigued by this artist, he obviously has promising times ahead in the music industry and a fruitful career unfolding. We are excited to hear his future releases. Check out Shams – Hooligan, here:


Fresh off his previous lyrical masterpiece ‘Celebrate’, reviewed here by, we present Soule’s fantastic follow up: ‘Inbox’, offering hip-hop, chill trap and even future bass and deep house fans more of his outstanding, unique style.

Overplaying a blurry, atmospheric, downtempo instrumental track, Soule’s distinct voice begins to float through a filter that gradually opens up into this original. Intriguing, ingeniously composed lyrics are the signature style of this US based artist, and here they are particularly potent, for example:

‘Got labels blowing my inbox
Back then when they gave me no noise, heard that pin drop
Still played it cool, but I’m due for my damn guap
Boy so efficient, drop 30 in 10 shots’.

Soule has a unique and extremely creative way to convey his message, this originality will carry him a long way. His ability to not only write so well, but to then translate that into a smooth vocal stem is demonstrative of talent that is hard to teach. This is natural ability at play, a quality that is difficult to find.

With production on point here too, one really gets the feeling that the original concept for this track propelled the whole project, and the final product allows the listener a glimpse of what Soule had in mind when he penned ‘Inbox’.

With a string of sublime tracks under his belt, the future is looking phenomenally good for Soule. We look forward to bringing you his latest tracks right here. Check out Soule – Inbox, here:


Techno is certainly on the rise of late, thanks to up-and-coming producers such as Canadian based outfit Washington Crooks. They bring you their ‘dark electro techno house’ remix of Colder – Midnight Fever. And it certainly does not disappoint. This is one techno fans and DJ’s will want to drop in their sets this summer.

As you’d expect with a techno remix, the drums are key. Here they are heavy and hard-hitting, generating huge amounts of energy and really creating a driving flowing feel. The dark atmospheric-esque vocals sit well as a top line above multiple complex synth layers. The outstanding thing in this rework is the use of fat bass sounds that literally pump out of the speakers.

Utilising their production knowledge well, Washington Crooks have fused the various elements here from synth to percussive, allowing for a solid mixdown. The vocals blend nicely into their remix, with transitions and FX sample selection on point, giving this track maximum impact.

As the lines between techno and various strands of electro house blur evermore in this remix, Washington Crooks are carving their signature sound nicely. We look forward to seeing what they offer over the coming months and years. Judging by this remix, the future looks exciting for them.

Check out Colder- Midnight Fever- (dark Electrotechnohouse Remix 123bpm), here:




Experienced Hungarian producer Shane 54 proves he is at the top of his game with the release of his latest incredible progressive track ‘First Time’. With Shane 54, real name Elod Csaszar’s, signature sound clear throughout this original track, which demonstrates his clear roots in trance and house, this demo is a symbol of production excellence.

A well mixed, lyrically intriguing male vocal top-line floats airily over a fantastic arrangement of melodic chord plucks and, trance-inspired arps and background vocal chops. A smooth build up throws us into a full-spectrum drop with stunning synths underpinning the vocal lead.

Structurally this track is extremely good, showing a large production knowledge and adept skills in the studio. This is furthered by an incredibly skilful mixdown and mastering on ‘First Time’, really bringing out the maximum potential in this piece. Such a high production standard is evidence of many years of hard work paying off.

With an array of solid productions under his belt, many years DJing and producing know-how and a podcast ‘International Departures’ that has amassed an impressive 372 episodes, Shane 54 is certainly one artist to get to know. His very active socials including Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are a great way to get to know this artist.

Check out Shane 54 – First Time, here:


Australian trio Drawing North bring you their latest incredible release ‘Think About You’. They continue a fantastic journey from writing simple pop demos in a garage to selling out as headliners at a show in their hometown of Canberra. Possessing a unique alternative, pop inspired sound, it is only a matter of time before the three friends receive recognition on a global scale.

Song-writing seems to flow effortlessly from the trio, with ‘Think About You’ potentially being their best track yet. Lyrically sublime, this original will be welcomed by pop, alternative, deep house and chill trap fans alike. Drawing North have that remarkable ability to let the listener feel what they did when they wrote it.

With a dreamy vocal leading this down-tempo chill project, accompanied by live percussive elements, lush pads and magical piano chord progressions, the production here is world-class. With stunning backing vocals, chops, guitars and light FX, ‘Think About You’ is quite dazzling.

Their debut album being released through Universal Music last year peaked at number 3 on the iTunes chart, proving Drawing North are already well on their way to becoming a world-wide phenomenon.

If you do one thing today, check out this talented trio, before someone else tells you about them. Drawing North – Think About You is available to download now, check it out here:



Innovative producer Damien Wayne has done something that we delight in – created something entirely original, dissimilar to all the other tracks you will hear this week. Given many EDM tracks and producers suffer varying degrees of critique for being unoriginal, same sounding, comprising of the same sound design, generic melodies etc, this is utterly refreshing.

In his latest drop, Wayne remixes Sam Hunt- Body Like a Backroad. He has managed, and quite successfully accomplished, to merge country with EDM. Avicii had this style perfected with tracks like ‘Hey Brother’ and ‘Wake Me Up’. However, it remains a largely untapped blend of genres.

Utilising vocal chops in a rhythmic, melodic way, this remix is very pleasant on the ears. Folk guitars and careful, light percussion underpin the chops and give a warm flow to Wayne’s rework. The structure of the track is solid too, and the various sections fit well together.

Damien Wayne is certainly achieving the demanding task of going in a different direction with his sound. We absolutely welcome innovation and unique, original tracks, the likes of we do not hear very often. The future looks exciting for Wayne and we look forward to seeing how his unique sound develops.

Check out Sam Hunt – Body Like a Backroad (Damien Wayne Remix), here:


20 year old Scottish producer Lewis Steen’s latest up-tempo deep house track ‘I Need You’, is one you do not want to miss. With a simply stunning deep, techy vibe you know from the intro this is going to be something special. Bridging the gap perfectly between deep house and house, this track is perfect for any occasion, from the beach to the club.

Lush, smooth and well mixed vocals provide for a dreamy vibe during the breakdown sections, underpinned by light piano chords and delicate percussion. The drops are fantastic too, with a solid bassline creating a solid, unique groove alongside a punchy house kick and off-beat synth stabs. The percussion loops and sample selection Steen utilises here work effortlessly to create a great flow to his track.

Reverb can be tricky, yet Steen makes it sound natural and effective in ‘I Need You’, particularly on the vocals. It allows the male voice to blend superbly into the instrument sections of this original, adding to the dreamy, deep feel.

Steen’s mixdown is on point too, highlighting the efficacy of the ‘less is more’ philosophy. The various elements, from vocals to lead drop synths are fused expertly here. This track is as simplistic as it needs to be, the mix clean and each layer well crafted and serving a purpose.

With a clear vision on what he wants to produce and an obviously comprehensive production knowledge, Lewis Steen is well on his way to big things. We look forward to following the talented Scot’s career as it unfolds.

Check out Lewis Steen – I Need You (Original Mix), here:




Midnight Meow bring you their latest release, a creative remix of Ariana Grande’s famous ‘Side To Side’. Completely reworking and leaving very little of the original track, they have created a fresh sounding, unique version that stands out from the crowd.

Their Soundcloud bio states that ‘Midnight Meow is all about giving people a journey, a trip, and an escape. We are a multi-instrumental group who will reach and pull you into our musical world.’ They have certainly achieved this goal in their ‘Side To Side’ remix.

With a tech, almost techno-esque vibe, Midnight Meow have taken essentially a pop track and transformed it into one suitable for the dance floor. The impressive and really creative element here is the vocal processing from the original. Utilising incredible FX, Midnight Meow have manipulated the well known vocals in an adept way to suit their remix perfectly.

Side To Side was an excellent choice of track to remix. Peaking at number 4 on the Billboard Hot100 and UK Singles chart, the original track formed part of Grande’s studio album ‘Dangerous Woman’. released in August 2016.

Be sure to check out Ariana Grande – Side To Side (Midnight Meow Remix), here: