San Francisco producer Marozi brings us his latest chill trap track, in the form of a sublime Ed Sheeran ‘Shape Of You’ remix. With an abundance of Ed Sheeran remixes currently circulating, it is refreshing to hear such an incredible rework.

Marozi takes the original, obviously a pop track, and manipulates the vocal stem beautifully, applying FX and pitch-shifting to create his own, fitting, trap style version. Coupled with superb orchestral and trap percussive elements this works excellently. The drop is equally well sculpted, with a catchy, strong, trap-esque variant on the original melody. The sound design here is first rate too and demonstrates Marozi’s production capabilities to the max.

Taking a song from one genre and transforming it into another, in a way that works brilliantly, is no easy task. Marozi, however, makes it sound easy and the finished product is highly listenable.

With a host of fantastic, prodigious tracks on his Soundcloud page, Marozi is a producer who is clearly on point right now. You might want to head straight over there when you’ve heard this and see what else he has to offer. We were certainly not disappointed.

We’re excited to see what the future brings for the Californian, as he continues to conquer in the trap, dubstep, future bass and experimental EDM genres.

The original ‘Shape Of You’, released in January this year, was one of the most successful records of all time. It reached No.1 in 30 different countries. and is of course featured on Sheeran’s 3rd studio album.

Check out Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (Marozi Remix), here:


On-form Avelo has just dropped another fantastic remix this week, this time a variant of ‘ADI – Snow’. Talent seems to be in copious amounts from the Israeli, real name Aviran Levi. Following on from his recent remix of ‘Elephante – Plans’, again we have another simply breathtaking track here.

The break is comprised of delicate piano chords underpinning the lush female vocals before transitioning brilliantly into a brief drop section. This remix is constantly evolving throughout and keeps the listener engaged. The use of the vocal chops to complement synths and trap percussion in the drop sections is particularly interesting. Really this is of the very highest standard. The production skills on show here are striking.

Avelo manages to impart his own signature sound on this remarkable rework. With a clean, careful mix down and solid mastering here too, this track is ideal for the summer festival season. Indeed it would not have sounded out of place at Coachella.

With a string of brilliant tracks of late from Avelo, he is certainly a producer to take note of and is seemingly unstoppable. We are incredibly eager to hear what he has for us next.

Available for a free download, check out ADI – Snow (Avelo Remix), here:



Prodigious Esco Holla’s new track ‘Deal With It’, produced by M8Beatz, is definitely a track you won’t want to miss. An intricate, smooth, laid-back vibe, that an array of rap and even chill trap and deep house fans will find endearing, make this one to add to that summer playlist.

A superb bassline, kicking in right from the intro, creates a solid groove and flow to the project, with female panned vocals blending ideally with outstanding rap overtones.

Alongside great lyrics, the vocal processing and mixing is highly impressive here. These can also be viewed in the corresponding lyric video on YouTube (link below). This adds an extra, professional, touch, and has clocked over 20,000 plays alone.

There is a particular catchiness and unique style underpinning this track, that allows it to stand out from the crowd. Creativeness oozes from Esco Holla’s track, both lyrically and in terms of production. Such originality cannot be manufactured and demonstrates solid musical ability. Song mixing and mastering is on point here too.

There is plenty of potential as Esco Holla is glaringly capable of inventive, creative music. We look forward to seeing what the future brings for this talented artist. ‘Deal With It’ is available through major platforms (Apple Music/Spotify/iTunes) and also as a free download via Esco Holla’s Soundcloud page, check it out here:


The associated lyric video is well worth checking out too:



Up and coming American producer Quiotis sets the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool benchmark high with his entry ‘Work Hard’. With competition at an all-time high for Spinnin’ Records contracts, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. That is exactly what Quiotis achieves with his future house, big-room esque sound.

Originality is what comes to mind after multiple listens to this track. It really does have a bit of everything from lush female house vocals to Super Mario FX! Underpinned by solid percussive work and an evolving, creative flow, this is an original that will keep you coming back.

Quitotis demonstrates his production knowledge here. He has clearly taken the time to perfect his sound, which ebbs originality. In a popular contest, possession of a unique sound is essential and Quitotis deserves recognition in the form of votes in the Spinnin’ Talent Pool.

While originally hailing from Los Angeles, Quitotis is now residing in Ibiza, showcasing his new material and DJ repertoire on for popular boat party company Oceanbeat Ibiza. If you are headed out to the Ibiza this summer, make sure you catch up with Quitotis, a DJ you certainly won’t want to miss.

Check out Quiotis – Work Hard, here… And don’t forget to vote!



British wizard 4bel is back with his latest, superb offering ‘Event Horizon’. Production at the very highest standard is something of a rarity and always a distinct pleasure to hear. 4bel makes techno sound easy in this latest, seriously impressive, track.

Techno is one of the oldest and most respected genres in dance music, and it’s certainly back on the rise, thanks to incredible contributions by artists like we have here. 4bel’s skill, knowledge and individuality shine out of this masterful piece, which would sit perfectly in a Carl Cox or Richie Hawtin set.

Driving drums and other apt percussive elements provide the backdrop for dark bass sounds, atmos and synths. There is a seemingly natural, evolving flow to this track that makes it highly listenable and intriguing. Couple that with a solid production workflow, simply majestic mixing, makes for a powerful record.

4bel is able to weave the listener through the various stages of this track, from the first drop, building energy smoothly. Deadmau5-esque chords lie in the breakdown which then gradually builds momentum before suddenly dropping into another beat-laden drop section. We loved each of the five minutes here.

The best part of this track? It’s absolutely free. We are extremely excited to see what the future holds for this talented artist. Check out 4bel – Event Horizon, here:



Presenting ‘Memories’, the latest original house track by 17-year-old Spanish producer Jaime Mesia, aka Skreamz. This is certainly one you won’t want to miss, and provides us with that ideal, vibrant, piano-led, house vibe to get us in the mood for summer.

Skreamz track is thorough, yet simplistic, with melodic and harmonic piano chord progressions accompanying catchy vocal chops that work flawlessly. The young, clearly able, producer from Madrid, gives us a solid drop in this offering with intelligent sample use and percussive elements.

Bridging the gap nicely somewhere between deep and melodic house, Skreamz carves a sound that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Don Diablo set. The mixdown is tight, indicating sound production knowledge.

Available for a free download, making this the perfect Easter gift for his fans, this track will definitely have them waiting for his next release.

The future looks promising for Skreamz and we’re excited to see how this competent artist progresses with a potentially promising career ahead of him.

Check out Skreamz – Memories, here:



Fans of agressive, dark, electro based techno will be thrilled by War Pigs’ newest track. Featuring the voice of Alex Jones – WAR, this latest drop on DieOne Techno will have you reaching for the volume button to crank it up.

As one of the oldest genres, solid techno numbers are gems to DJs across the globe. This is a genre back on the popularity rise, especially with producers such as War Pigs, oozing in originality and creativity. doing techno justice.

This track, curiously named ‘Dark Electro Techno 128 Bpm’, has the description ‘Aggressive Heavy Dark Electro Techno POWER TRACK!’. It certainly lives up to that description with a combination of dark vocal cuts, savage drum work, aggressive FX and distorted synths.

War Pigs’ vibe here flows seamlessly and would not feel out of place in a Carl Cox or Richie Hawtin set. The way the different elements combine in this original techno piece, demonstrates adroit and knowledgeable production skills.

With techno music never really dying out and definitely on the rise, as of late, the future for artists such as War Pigs, looks extremely interesting. We look forward to hearing their future projects and will bring them to you first, at

Check out War Pigs – Dark Electro Techno 128 Bpm, here:


British trap producer Corvus is certainly one to watch as he presents a tremendous chill trap variation of Beyoncé’s famous ‘End Of Time’. Here the 2011 track, which appears on the singer’s fourth studio album ‘4’, receives a complete makeover, arguably competing with the original.

Trap fans will take delight in this remix. A string-based intro builds tension smoothly before the well known vocals kick in and into an apt trap drop. This remix is suitably downtempo, which works to perfection. Good sample selection and orchestral drum use keep the flow of the rework smoothly. Sometimes less is more in music production, and Corvus knows how to keep things clean here.

The mixdown is intelligent and thorough, with the track having a vibrant, dynamic feel. Corvus is able to impart his signature on this remix and sounds very capable, demonstrating his abilities here. It is no simple task to take a track of one genre and remix it in a different, yet here it feels very natural.

We look forward to hearing the future from this up-and-coming trap talent. Check out Beyoncé – End Of Time (Corvus Remix) here:


Brooklyn producer Andrew Marks presents his latest, undeniably fantastic, house track with a groove edge: ‘Let The Music’. 15 years of classical piano training to a fully fledged production career and bookings across The Big Apple, this is no stranger to great music.

A song that can instantly be etched in your mind as a classic is a rare and stunning thing. This huge groovy house example is one such track. Instantly bringing a smile to the listeners face, this gem of a track has all the ingredients of house music at its very best.

Vocals ‘let the music take your mind’ providing an intro over bright piano chords before a smooth build into a simply marvellous saxophone-led drop. Use of a sax here with such a catchy melody with the vocal top-line weaving in and out, creates such groove in the track and fits perfectly, suiting the track to a tee.

The breaks are sublime, keep the energy flowing nicely and build plenty of tension. The mixdown is clean and the mastering here is noteworthy.

Andrew Marks is clearly talented. This, put simply, is one of the finest house tracks we’ve had the pleasure of hearing this year, and it’s absolutely free! To say we’re excited to hear Marks’ future projects, is an understatement.

Check out Andrew marks – Let The Music, here:


It is one of the most pleasant of surprises when we find a small Soundcloud channel with only one track on it, and it’s blinding. Introducing ‘3xit’ with his new track ‘William’. This track is sublime and worthy of many, many plays.

While this producer may, at the moment, be relatively unknown, his production abilities are quite astonishing. Many hours of hard work have clearly gone into honing the sound we hear in this original track.

Rapturous melodies with stunning reverb processing, atmospheric vocals and solid percussion, together with excellent sample selection are just the beginning of this masterpiece. The mix is warm and clean, the mark of a talented producer.

Chill trap remains one of the most popular genres at the moment, making it more difficult for noteworthy tracks to stand out. This is definitely one of those noteworthy tracks. We look forward to hearing future projects from 3xit.

Check out ‘William’, here: